Monday, September 1, 2014

What is Normal?

As I've mentioned many times, our summer has been consumed with activities surrounding moving from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvanis to Millsboro, Delaware....8 Miles from Rehoboth Beach. We are happy. We are excited. We are looking forward to decorating and foofifying our new home.  But mostly.....

Since June, we have been working hard to get our PA home ready to sell....did I tell you it sold in 8 hours? Yup! The first couple who saw it, loved it, and offered our full asking price. No one was more shocked than we were. After the house sold, we had to hustle to Delaware to BUY A HOUSE, which we did, in 24 hours. The very hardest part was the actual packing up the house. We had a huge moving sale in May and got rid of a ton of stuff and I was delusional in thinking that the packing of what was left would be easy but it was not! As you might guess, the most difficult packing was my craft room. Soooo many boxes, heavy, heavy boxes of paper. The movers came on Friday, August 22, at 8:30 in the morning. They finished loading the truck at 7:30 that night. We closed on our house on Monday the 25th and closed on our new home on Wednesday, the 27th of August. Our furniture has not arrived and won't until this Friday, September 5th. We needed a new mattress and box spring which we bought immediately and had them delivered the next day so we have a place to rest our heads. We also bought a sofa and love seat from the previous owners so we have a place to sit. There are also a few small lamps, the coffee maker ( of course) and a few dishes to hold us over. We are trying to look at it like an adventure. This time has given us a chance to catch our breath and also do some work at the new house. In the past 2 days David has painted the Master Bedroom and we will also paint my craft room before the furniture comes. We are also having the carpet ripped out of my craft room and solid surface flooring installed. So much to do, but I'm hoping we'll still get a chance to spend some time at the beach in September, our favorite month!
I was hoping to include some pictures on this post but I only have my iPad with me and I don't know when I'll have access to the computer again. I can't figure out how to upload pictures from my iPad to a blog post. If you have any suggestions, I will be happy to hear them.
In the meantime, know that I've missed reading your posts....hopefully I'll be fully operational in the not too distant future!




You have been so busy! I'm looking forward to seeing your new home. How great to be so close to the ocean!

Createology said...

So happy to read your update post. Exhausted would be an understatement with all you and the Mr. are doing for so long. Congratulations on your new adventure in Life's Journey. May you feel the sand in your toes and rest your weary head on your new bed. Blessings Dear...

vivian said...

like a whirlwind! so much so fast! but all good and to be so close to such a great beach.. awesome!
looking forward to pics when you get settled.
have a great week

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Hi Joyce, so good to see you post and hear that you have landed in your new home! Have fun with your bit of time to relax before the truck arrives. Same thing happened to us when we moved, but we slept in sleeping bags on the floor and bought a couple of folding beach chairs to sit on, lol.

I tried to post on my Samsung tablet and also couldn't get the photos to load up. I think we probably have to search on Blogger to change some setting.

Jo said...

It is an adventure. Joe and I have been following it on Facebook and are enjoying all the posts. The color you picked for the master bedroom looks great. Can't wait to see what things you come up with for decorating. Try to take it easy after the furniture comes. Don't wear yourselves out too much. :-)

Sally Annie Magundy said...

You guys are amazing! Hoping you can enjoy and relax soon in your spiffy new home!

NanE said...

Congratulations on your move but I can't believe you left steel town! Hubby and I are also relocating, he has been given a wonderful promotion. I'm very excited for him but so sad to be leaving our beloved Charleston. We have not been as lucky as you, our house has been on the market for 2 months and no buyers yet. We've had a lot of showings, but no takers. I've started some of the packing but I'm going to leave most of it to the movers. I can't wait to pics of your new home, HUGS! Nan


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