Wednesday, January 2, 2013

One Little (but it's really BIG) Word and The Planners

OK-it's time to develop a new routine.
I want to get a bunch of things completed around the house (like cleaning-hahaha) but I also want to be diligent about my blog. Let's start with my

One Little Word for 2013

I went back and looked at previous posts about the words I've chosen over the years...
 (that was a real failure)
(this one was much to celebrate and be grateful for this past year)

My word for 2013 came to me very easily


Now that I'm fully retired, I want to work on keeping my mind sharp and my health in check.
There is a lot I can and should LEARN to accomplish these goals.
Plus, there are tons of fun things I want to learn, too.
First of all, for the first time, I am actually doing Ali Edward's on-line class entitled
One Little Word.
(read her blog post about this activity here, and know that you don't have to take the class to participate in this's just an interesting goal)
The class goes on for the whole year and at the beginning of each month, you're given prompts to get you thinking about how your word is impacting your life and you keep a journal/photo book.

I will write more about my "bucket" learning list as time goes on.

Now, I can never start a new year without some kind of planner. Last year I used this one...

which featured my word for 2012...Celebrate

I found some really nice planners at Target this year and actually decorated 2 of them for friends for Christmas. Both of these friends are experiencing some difficult challenges in their lives right now and I wanted to give them a place to write important appointments and also a place to journal. The planners  have a very sturdy outer acrylic cover and then the cover of the journal is patterned but there is no writing on it. They were a dream to alter.
Mary Ellen's planner...

(the paper label just rips off)

and Jacqueline's...

and my planner...

A work in progress!

This is what the planners look like inside...

Plenty of places to write

OK-off to do some cleaning and organizing and  Planner cover planning...:D

Have a warm and toasty day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I love this postcard that Julie at Old Design Shop shared.
It shows the end of the old year in the tired face of the old man and the
excitement and anticipation for the New Year in the face of the Baby.
That's how I feel as 2013 starts.
I am starting in a new phase of life, different from any other I have
ever experienced.
There are many things I am looking forward to and many adventures to have.
In the next few days I will share my "One Little Word" for 2013. It was an easy choice this time.

For now, I want to thank all of you who stop in to read my posts. It's great when you leave a comment but even when you don't, the stats tell me that you're out there somewhere and I appreciate your interest.
I wish a Blessed, Happy and Healthy New Year to all!



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