Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Sunday~

I have a hockey game to watch today but I wanted you to meet my new friends....
A lovely canvas found at TJ Maxx

I think this is meant to hold necklaces....

Her price had no influence on my attraction to her...

It just made the "score" sweeter...they will both go in my studio


Friday, April 13, 2012

The birds...not the Hitchcock variety!

I promised that I would show you what I did with the wooden birds...
First, I base-coated them with Ceramcoat's Oyster White acrylic paint...both sides.
Then I made a template by tracing one of the birds...

I free-handed the wing...
Both pieces were traced onto double-sided scrapbook papers...

I used Mod Podge to attach the papers to the birds. I Mod Podged the wings separately
 before attaching them to the body.
Buttons for eyes.

All but one flew away.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Making my way back to Blogland...

Our Spring Fling Craft Boutique is over and the orders have been filled...

We had a lot of fun visiting with friends who came to see what we had made.
I wish I could say that I took a lot of pictures but I worked right up to the wire so
did not get pictures of all of the lovely things my friends made.
It was very different for all of us to create items with  a Spring, Easter or Summer theme.
We all do craft events in the fall and winter with Thanksgiving and Christmas themed items,
so this was a welcome change.
I had fun making Easter banners...

Bunnies, chicks and eggs were seen everywhere.
I think my favorite banner was this one....

I cut the three egg images twice and with the second image, cut out those areas that would make each egg dimensional. I used foam tape to raise the cut out parts.

So many images of vintage Easter art can be found on-line and on Pinterest.
I also made some single panel art pieces...

There was a new "Celebrate" banner...

and a summertime banner ...

One of two most asked-for items that I make are the Important Dates to Remember
perpetual reminder books. Each month has a lined page to write birthdays and anniversaries.

(I snapped these pictures before I finished them off with a spiral binding) The other book is for computer User Names and Passwords.
Now maybe you have a mind like a steel trap and can remember all of the passwords and
user names that you use on line but I need help with that.
I never make enough of these books...they always sell out.
I even made some with a masculine look... you can see where I've been hiding for the past several weeks.
In between getting ready for this show, there was also a big baby shower at our church for our
 Christian Education Director...that is what the Ezra banner was for in my previous post.
So it's time to get ready for Easter
 (I think the nice weather this year made it seem like the shortest 40 days of Lent on record!)
and then get busy with a swap I am doing with some good friends
 We are so happy that our daughter Michelle will be
coming in on Friday to spend the weekend with us before
 she starts her new job next week.
 Over the next week, I will be spending some time each day visiting your blogs...I've missed reading what you've been doing and I need to catch up!

I'll come back next time and show you what I did with these cute wooden birdies...



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