Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is the post I hesitated writing...

Dear Friends~
Last Friday, David & I returned from a week-long trip to Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Petaluma California. We traveled there for a wedding and then added some extra days for vacation. Before we left, I prepared some posts to go up automatically while we were gone. David is wary about posting about being away.
Since the beginning of June, I have been wrestling with some serious health issues which involved lots of tests...waiting...more tests...more waiting. Right before we left, I met with a cardiologist who ordered some specialized bloodwork to determine whether there was some kind of heart problem. My symptoms have been severe pains in my chest, radiating to my shoulders, back, neck and sometimes my jaw. After evaluating all of the x-rays, CT scans and bloodwork, the cardiologist is satisfied that my problem isn't with my heart. In reviewing my bloodwork, the factors indicating inflammation are high and so he has referred me to a rheumatologist. It has been weeks now waiting to get an appointment but I am seeing someone tomorrow. I hope we can quickly find the answer to this problem and a fix. I have had to sleep sitting upright in a chair most nights because it's too painful to lie down and I am constantly fatigued. I have no appetite (I should be a size 6 by now but when you're not doing much the weight doesn't necessarily deop away!) and no interest in doing much. Anyone who knows me personally knows this is NOT the normal Joyce! While we were away, there were so many things I wanted to see and do but just couldn't because of the discomfort. Since we are home, I haven't even had the energy to post here and I have so much I want to share with you. I just have to work on this health problem and get some things resolved so that I can carry on in my own normal, goofy way!
I am not one who would ordinarily talk about health issues in this forum but I wanted you to know why I haven't been writing or even visiting much. As soon as we have some answers and solutions and I am feeling like myself I will be back to my little blog.
In the meantime, know that I am not afraid. I am in the care and grace of  Jesus Christ, who walks with me every day. I have the support of dear family, especially David, who has been my rock, friends and healthcare professionals. We will solve this mystery and I will be returned to health. If you can squeeze me on to your prayer list, I will be grateful.
Thank you for being my friend!


Unknown said...

Dearest Joyce, I have tears streaming down my face because I can't bare the thought of you in discomfort and worry. I will be the first in a prayer chain for your well being, and all of your friends here will link on steadfastly. Be well, and come back to us soon. Elizabeth

GerryART said...

Sad to hear this, Joyce,
all of your Friends here in blogland, I am certain, will be keeping you in our Thoughts.

Hugs [the soft kind] & ♥♥♥s,

Paula Clare said...

Dear Joyce,
Your joy via this blog is contagious...I pray that our God, Jehovah Rapha (The God who Heals) will send wisdom to your medical team, comfort to you and your family, and peace to all concerned.

Meanwhile, know this: You are loved!

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

Dear Joyce-
I am sending prayers up for you!! I was in similar shoes 5 years ago-- it turned out to be Ficromyalgia and Chronic-Active Epstein Barr virus. God has been good and while not "totally" healed- I am able to work and function!

Sandra said...

Hope they can solve this mystery soon so you can find some relief. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We will all be waiting for you to come back when you are yourself again. Sandra

Anonymous said...

Brave girl! ♥

NanE said...

Hugs and prayers heading your way. I hope that you will be able to get some answers and a plan for healing soon and in the meantime, I pray that you will find comfort knowing that God is great and will keep you in his loving arms.

Anonymous said...

Aww Sweetie, I feel so bad. You will definitely be in my prayers and praying for good news!

Unknown said...

Praying the doctors figure out what is wrong so you can have a respite from the pain. I am so sorry, you will continue to be in my prayers!

TheNormanFive said...

My prayers are with you that they discover quickly what is wrong. I pray for you to be back to your normal ways.
Bless you...

marie said...

Joyce, I'm praying that you get some answers and solutions tomorrow! In the meantime I'm praying that the Lord fills you with perfect peace.

deena said...

Prayers for a restoration to good health and a quick resolution.
Bless you!

woodandfabric said...

Dear Joyce,
I am sending positive thoughts your way! Take good care, we will all be here waiting for your fast return.
Michelle *Ü*

nancarts said...

Dear Joyce...My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May God continue to bless you all and solve your medical mystery. God is love! Take care, rest and may your soon be on the road to recovery.

Smiles and Blessings,

Unknown said...

I have been praying for you and will continue to do so.....please keep us informed of what the the rheumatologist has to say....get ready for more blood work..I just know that a reason for all of this will be forth know that I love you! :):)

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through so much pain Joy! It must be so frustratin not knowing what is causing it! I will be praying for you!!


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Dearest Joyce, I have moved you right to the top of my prayer list! I have faith that you will be restored to health. Have a blessed day! Twyla

Sentimentally Me said...

Thinking of you and hoping for good health and good news soon! Prayers to you & yours . . . .


Kateyed said...


I am so sorry. I have missed you! It makes me so sad to think of you in pain. I do hope they find an answer.

I have severe fibromyalgia, a condition called RSD and a high ANA so I have been dealing with chronic pain and rheumatology problems for a long time. I don't write about it, though I have shared it with several people online. It's so complicated to explain and sometimes I like the part of my life that isn't pain.

You are in my prayers. There is good life for you, whether you have a complete cure or not...but I will still pray for the cure, dear!



Hi Joyce,
Of course I'll pray. For wisdom for your Dr's and for healing for you. Take care!!!
deb :)

Lisa said...

Prayers for you my sweet friend to be back to you soon! I am so very sorry you are having trouble and I hope for you, a solution is found soon.
Hugs and prayers, Lisa

Betty said...

Thinking of you and sending up prayers for you as well. I hope they can find something that will ease your pain and help you to get some rest. Take care.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

You take care of yourself! We will be here when you feel like posting. We will all be interest to hear what you find out, I am so glad your walking with the lord, and glad it is not your heart!


Nan said...

Oh Joyce this is so upsetting to hear especially since you have had to wait so long to find out exactly what is going on and start on some kind of treatment for it.
You're in such a populated area I would think you could get the doctor's moving faster than this for goodness sakes. Here's sending some prayers up for you take care and I will be anxious to hear of any new information in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Joyce, wishing you will be well soon and hope that you find out what exactly is wrong so they can help you get back to where you belong - healthy and pain free. And so you can Scrap for Joy again.

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Oh honey, I wish you told me of the details earlier so I could tailor my prayers. You're on my prayer list.

Rest up and know I'm thinking of you and praying for you.

My Vintage Studio said...

Dear Joyce.
Hope you are feeling better soon!
Please get some rest.

I will be praying for you.

Hugs, Sharon

Lori said...

Dear Joyce, my prayers are with you! I love reading your posts and viewing your latest creations and I'll miss that----for now. Please take care of yourself and I pray that you find answers soon.


Nancy said...

Oh Joyce - I am so sorry to hear you're feeling bad. Rest up and feel better. You look darling in both of the anniversary pictures below. Let us know what you find out. Sending a hug and a prayer across the miles. xoxo Nancy

Debbie said...

Dear Joyce...My heart is with you & I'm sending lots of healing energy your way.

Elyse said...

hi dear joyce,

i'm having a hard time making blogging time this summer and am doing a big catch-up tonight on my visits. how sorry i am to read that you haven't been feeling well.

i hope that by the time i am writing this that you are getting some appointments and answers and rest.

wishing you strength and health always.


Fran. said...

Dear Joyce, no squeezing you in for prayer!! Will hold you up very high to the best physician,God!! Thanks for sharing YOUR love of the Lord with us!! There's no other way!! In His love, XOXO Fran.

Bev said...

Hope you're on the mend soon and back to your normal crafty self quickly!


Chele said...

Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you! I miss you so much! Get better soon, my prayers go out to you.


Peggy in AZ said...

Hoping you will find the answers you are looking for and health returns soon.

Kateyed said...

Thinking of you and praying things are better.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Joyce. I just wanted to let you know I ws still thinking of you. I hope you are feeling better. Have a nice week! Twyla

Heidi said...

Dear Joyce, I knew about the trip and was thinking of you. But I had no idea about the health issue. I'm so sorry to hear of your daily pain and nightly discomfort. I will be praying for the doctors to quickly get the diagnosis and a treatment going. You know the joy of our Lord and Savior, and I pray His loving arms will sustain you until you are feeling better. Hugs, Heidi

LaurieStar said...

Oh Joyce! I had no idea! I'm so sorry you've been feeling so bad. I'm sorry and in a pool of tears over here. Please get better soon - I am very worried about you. :( I am glad you have a lot of people to care for you over there but I wish there was something I could do. I will pray for you and be thinking of you every day. Feel better, my friend.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh sweet friend,
You will be added to my prayers starting this very minute. I'm so sorry you've been suffering. Please do keep us posted.
We love you,
Mary Lou

deb said...

I'm so very sorry to hear this Joyce! You've become such a friend over the years and I wish you good health VERY soon. It's so easy to take it for granted. Please know I'm thinking of you and we'll add you to our prayers! Bella and Stevie say prayers at night now and we'll add your name too. Sending lots of love. xxooo

Celestial Charms said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are indeed in my prayers. There is nothing worse than not feeling well, and yet not knowing what exactly is wrong. Hope you feel better soon.

Kateyed said...

Thanks so much for being follower of our blog, Joyce We are having a giveaway to thank our first hundred on Monday. I miss you and think of you (Suz)

Kat and Suz

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Dear Joyce, you are missed! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a speedy return to the pink of health.


she dreams big! said...

Oh Joyce! I hope by now you are feeling better! My little giveaway seems so silly when compared to your health issues but I am so glad you came to visit me. Good luck! You take care girl!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hello Joyce...Nice to meet you and your blog!
Thank You for stopping by.
Sorry to hear of your not so fun health issues...You will figure this out.
The Lord is faithful to show us when we ask.
We know for sure as we're in the middle of it right now.
We serve a God with all the answers...
Certainly will be praying for you my friend.
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...


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