Monday, March 25, 2013

Forced Blog Break

There is something wrong with my main computer.
We have a laptop, iPad and Kindle but
all of my photos and creative "stuff" is on that main computer.
I am very annoyed by this fact but I sure can't correct 
brain is not techno oriented.
I was going to call a friend to help me but his wife wrote on Facebook
today that they are both sick.
I hope I can straightened out soon....
I received the most awesome swap package that I want you to see from Carolynn of
Chenille Cottage, who was my partner in Sandy's Easter Swap.
I hope that I'm operational soon!
I love my iPad but it's just not the same.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Before I get to Easter...backtracking a bit

Before I get into Easter decorating, I need to backtrack just a bit to catch up on this year.
Because of illness and injury, Valentine's Day was postponed this year until David came home from the hospital. I decorated the mantel but took no pictures. The only crafting I did were the 2 cards I made for him. (yes, he is "handmade card worthy" because he really does appreciate the effort and besides, they will always be here)
There are many people who sell vintage photos on Etsy and I've used several but I found a new person this year whose work I just love!! Miss Ali's Emporium Digital Images found here. Her images, some of them softly colored, are among the sweetest I've seen. I purchased 4 of her images and when I printed them out, I fell in love again. David loves cards made with images of little children and I knew this would be the perfect image to use on an art board for him...

The little red metal mailbox held some sugar-free chocolate treats and a gift card.
(For my friend Sims-I used some of the handmade lace you gave was a lovely addition)
I also made a card for David using some images from friends...
Julie at Old Design Shop has a wonderful Etsy store selling great vintage images here,
I used her seed packet images for an banner last year.

Julie is also a very generous woman, often sharing free images. As soon as I saw the floor plan images, I knew I had to use them for something. You can find the images on this post.
Now I know the cute couple either came from Elizabeth of Creative Breathing or Renee of My Vintage Mending but I don't remember which one. They seemed to fit with the time-frame of the floor plans.

inside the card...

These cards will be added to the collection of Valentines I have made for my sweetie over the years..

One more thing to show you that just happened yesterday. I showed photos of the beautiful table runner I won in a giveaway from Donna of Brynwood Needleworks. I knew I wanted to hang it and I knew where I wanted to hang it, it was a matter of figuring out how to hang it. I went to Joann's and bought a $ .99 length of 1/2" dowel and a package of ball end caps. (The kind used for clothespin doll heads) I also bought 1/2' drapery rings which were on sale for 50% off. I came home and David cut the dowel and painted it and the ball caps in the same blue as our dining room. We (WE meaning David) just hung it up using nails to support the dowel rod. It hangs on a narrow strip of wall as you enter the kitchen. The project came out just I had imagined it.  Thanks sweetie!

OK, that's all for right now. See what happens when you don't blog often? You end up with a post that takes 2 cups of coffee to read. Yikes!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank you and.....I WON!

First and most importantly, I want to thank you for all of your prayers, words of support and comments and emails during this past month. David & I have read every one and we both appreciate your words. I am happy to report that David is doing quite nicely with his physical therapy. He has gentle exercises that he does every day and  twice a week his Physical Therapist comes to the house and works with him. He has graduated to using a cane most of the time. She advised using the walker if he was around a lot of people, like at the Mall, and since David would rather have a root canal without anesthetic than go to the Mall, he is pretty much walker free. This has been a challenging Winter for both of us this year and we are looking forward to Spring and the promise of renewed health and strength. OK-so much for that personal update.

On a much happier and exciting note...I have won the most fabulous giveaway!!!
Back in January, I saw a giveaway on a blog that I've followed for a long time, Brynwood Needleworks.
Donna Liljegren is a quilter and knitter and at one time owned her own cross stitch business. She must never sleep because she is always working on one project or another. Anyway, she posted a picture of a quilt block she made using the Dresden plate design and a Michelle Palmer hand-drawn cardinal in the center. I love quilts and I love Michelle Palmer's work (I own and have given many pieces) so I decided to take a chance. I still have the picture and link on my right sidebar. The prize was (and there were to be 3 winners) a quilt block made into (winner's choice) a tote bag, pillow or table runner. I decided on a table runner so that I could hang it on the wall. I have quilts hanging in many of the rooms of our home..I think they are true art pieces and should be seen.
On Friday evening, February 15, I came home from the hospital exhausted and worried about David and what he was going through. When I finally got a chance to sit down and read my emails, there was one from Donna telling me I was one of the winners. I cried...this was a bright spot in an otherwise murky time.
Yesterday the mailman knocked on the door and delivered the package. When I opened the box and pulled out the package, neatly wrapped in tissue and tied with seam binding, my heart skipped a beat.


My pictures do not do justice to the colors in this beautiful piece. They are all  the colors that I love. (I have many more photos but Blogger is not cooperating today...why can I upload some but not all that I choose?) I think the hardest part of quilting is the fabric...choosing which ones to blend together. Donna is a Master of color. The freeform quilting enhances the piecing. The whole thing is gorgeous! Yes, this goes on the wall.

This photo is from Donna's blog. I couldn't get the whole runner in my picture without losing something but here, you can see both runners and the tote bag. Click here to go to Donna's post. Please take some time and visit Donna's blog and see the beauty there. If you're not a quilter, maybe you're a dog can meet Taggart, Donna's Corgi.

Now if you're a quilter and a Corgi will spend lots of time at Brynwood Needleworks. I know someone who will love Donna's blog for sure. (This photo is also borrowed from Donna's blog)

Blessings abound even in the midst of chaos. I am truly grateful.
Thank you Donna, for bringing this joy into our home. I will cherish it always!

OK-I promise not to be a once a month blogger....even though it has looked that way so far!
I have lots more to share with you...soon, I promise!



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