Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Swap For All Seasons-August-Just My Style!

We are heavily into the work of packing up our house to move.
The movers come on August 22nd.
We close on our house here on August 25th.
We move into our new home in Delaware on August 27th....although our belongings may not arrive until the beginning of September, depending on how many stops our truck has to make.
To offset the stress and manual labor of the move, I have continued to participate in the monthly swaps at A Swap For All Seasons. How could I not? This year of themed monthly swaps has been great fun!! Our hostess, Linda, is the Queen of Swapping and has made our lives more creative and fun every month. I have had some partners I've never swapped with before and have, therefore, made new friends. I've also swapped with very treasured women that I've known for years! Next month is our last month in this year-long project and I am hoping that Linda will have something up her sleeve for another year of creative play.
August's theme for our card and tag was, Just My Style. We could create in our own unique way and the destash that we sent was not limited to one particular color. This couldn't be any easier!
Sherry, of Creatology, was my "donor: this month. Sherry is one of the friendliest, generous people on the planet! She is always gracious and kind and I don't think she ever sleeps because the lovely things that come out of her craft room seem to be never-ending! She swaps in several groups, sends surprises to friends and also makes things for charitable organizations. She is a dynamo!
Sherry showered me with a variety of wonderful gifts this month. 
First is the card and tag...

The tag is filled with lots of embellishments and old vintage papers. Kind of an international travel theme.
The card was made using a stamp of one of my favorite artists, D. Morgan.
I love all of the sea and beach themed art pieces she does and we already have one of her prints in our bedroom. I am planning on framing Sherry's card to hang up also. I wanted you to see the detail...

The treasures that Sherry included in my package were many and clever...
little pouches of paper and fabric, a notebook, handmade papers, washi tape, ribbon and lace

 and the prettiest and classiest bubble wand I have ever seen...

Did you know that blowing bubbles is a great stress reliever? I guess it's all that "blowing out" that you do! 

My person to send to this month was Lorraine Beaumont of 
Over the Rainbeau. Lorraine is a very accomplished artist. If you visit her blog, and you should (by clicking on her blog name), you will see some of her creations. It was a tiny bit (OK a Big Bit) intimidating to be creating for her but after all, it was Just My Style. Those who know me, know that I have kind of a quirky sense of humor. I love creating cards to send to friends for no particular reason except to bring a chuckle...a milk-snorting-out-the-nose laugh would be even better but I'll be happy if you chuckle. Anyway, the image for the card I made just begged for the quote...

When I saw the image of this little roller skater, I immediately loved her determination to skate and not get hurt! I thought the bow on the tag mimicked the bow in her hair.

Lorraine loves vintage images so I pulled a bunch out of my stash. along with some lace to play with in her crafting.

Another fabulous and fun month!
Next month is our last in the year long swap and the theme is Halloween...always a fun topic. My fingers are crossed that Linda has some plans for more fun swaps in the near future!



Davi said...

Well I think that your swaps are fabulous and fun too!! Hope you packing and move all goes smoothly and you love your new home :)


I did this swap too! Very cute card and tag you made and rec'd. Nice destash too.
Can't wait to see your new home. May your move go smoothly!

Createology said...

You are one very creative lady and with all your moving going on you still managed to swap. You may have Super Powers. So happy to be part of Linda's swaps and thank you for encouraging me to join. May your move go smoothly and your new home be perfect. Blessings and Creative Bliss...

Sally Annie Magundy said...

I think you are amazing with your selling, moving, buying a new home so quickly Joyce, WOW!

I'm so glad you've got a fun crafty distraction. I'm having so much fun looking at your posts for A Swap For All Seasons. I've signed up for the Halloween swap, my first time - I'm so excited.

Happy crafting!


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