Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Elizabeth, Sandy, Paula Clare and Betty...

Your Valentine cards
have been mailed today...
Late, I know,
life got in the way.
You are so special
all year through...
so I'm sending my love,
to each of you!

I don't usually like to preview my projects before they are received,
but I wanted you to at least see what was on the way.
(I will show the cards I've received when they have all arrived)

I love Valentine's Day.
I always have...and always will.
I know there's a lot of discussion about whether Valentine's Day
 was invented just so that the greeting card industry
could make money from the
sale of cards but of course that's not true.
Valentine's Day goes back centuries to Medieval times.....
but I'm not talking history here....just fun!

 Years ago, my sister started a tradition in our family of
celebrating Valentine's Day by eating "red" food.
This usually meant eating spaghetti or lasagna for dinner
and red-sprinkled cupcakes or cookies for dessert.
I like this's easy and fun and who doesn't like
pasta and red-sprinkled desserts?
This year David and I are breaking with tradition!
Because I was sick in January for both of our birthdays and we
never got a chance to celebrate, we are going out to a
favorite restaurant tonight for dinner.
Wonder if they'll have red food on the menu?

One of my traditions on Valentine's Day is to make (or buy)
and send Valentine cards to my family and friends
and always take some kind of treat in to my workmates.
I'm not working today so they'll enjoy their treat tomorrow...

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites
I saw the recipe for these on
 Olive Knoll's blog before Christmas and just knew that
I would have to try these morsels.
The recipe can be found right here.

The treats will be accompanied with a tag.
Every year I chose one of my pieced Valentines to
scan and copy to make multiples for the girls.
(I like the gang I work with but not everyone will
keep a handmade card for 100 years like I do.
I know the card makers out there will understand what I'm saying.)

Now the thing about making Valentines, for me, is that once I start making them
 I don't know when to stop. Like eating potato is never enough!

I can't show you all of the cards I've made because some friends need to be surprised...
and I don't even have David's made yet (Yikes!)
but I did surprise him with this little banner when he got up
this morning and came downstairs for his coffee...

The last item I'd like to share with you today comes from my sweet, sweet,
blogging friend Mary Lou of House of Whimsy. (Her photos
are on this post and are much better than mine)
We had a little one-on-one Valentine swap and this is the
magnificent piece she sent..

this beautiful padded and decorated heart...
seen here on the arm of my santos

beautiful attention to detail...

Thank you Mary Lou....I love this treasure!

OK-I better be off and finish the rest of my
Better-late-than-never Valentine Cards...
Have a wonderful day everyone....I hope it's filled with lots of



Diane Mars said...

Happy Valentines Day, such beautiful things you've shared Hugs from Diane in California

My Crafty Little Page said...

Joyce! I'm so glad you're back home and feeling better. What a packed full of neat things post this is. I love all your handmade Valentines and that heart you received is absolutely gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful, healthy Hearts day!!! xoxo Nancy

Suz said...

Just so good to see you. Have a wonderful birthday dinner tonight! I love Valentine's Day, too, but did not have a chance to make anything. I love your Valentines, made and received and think E's swap has been superb. I have gotten a lot of joy out of just looking.
Maybe next year, huh ;-)


Happy Valentine's Day, Joyce!!!
Your Valentines are wonderful! I have the one you sent me last year! You are the sweetest! The heart you rec'd is Wonderful!!!Sweet banner you made your hubby :)
Have a lovely dinner!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh my! What a lovely Valentine post this is! Beautiful cards, yummy treats, lots of great decorations! WHO could ask for more? Love it!

A Vintage Chic said...

Such wonderful treats and traditions, Joyce--hope you DO get some red food tonight!

Wishing you and your sweetheart a beautiful Valentine's Day, my friend!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh...what wonderful eye-candy you've shared here. Your creations are beautiful, Joyce. And the adorable little surprise banner for the hubby to find in the morning was precious.
It made me happy to see your pretty Santos girl holding my heart. : )
Happy Valentine's Day to you, friend!!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness Joyce!! You do not need to apologize to me!! I am just thrilled that I get a piece of art from you. I do consider your work "art". You are just such a talented paper artist!! Hope your day was wonderful and that you had a nice red dinner!! I had red sauce on my tacos. Does that count? LOL

woodandfabric said...

oh Joyce! Such wonderful creations for valentine's day!! I hope you had a fantastic dinner!

I also shipped my fabric collage last week, so if you are lucky enough, maybe you'll get it this week!

Michelle *Ü*

Sandy Michelle said...

Your friends are so lucky to be receiving your wonderful cards! I hope you had fun last night! I love that padded heart!!

Sandy xox

Elyse said...

hi joyce!

happy belated valentine's day. i hope you enjoyed your day. i like the idea of red food! i made chicken in a tomato sauce so i guess i hopped on to that tradition unknowingly!

beautiful creations, too!


Heidi said...

Hi Joyce! I thought you were back (I saw a comment you made on another blog!) I hope your trip was great. I can't believe how much you got done and traveled! I love all the images you used on your Valentines. I wanted to make Valentines the day our grand-kids came by, but only got as far as tracing Ellie's hands. I guess I could make them now for next year! There's just not enough time in the day for everything I need to and then WANT to do! But I sure do enjoy seeing your creativity!
love & hugs, Heidi
(love the stuffed heart M.L. made!)

Mimi Sue said...

I love the red food idea! Your valentines are adorable. Hope you had a great day with your honey! That Mary Lou is one talented gal. And sweet too. Mimi

Creative Breathing said...

Joyce, I received my Valentine today, and it is as lovely as you are! This is such a sweet post. Your traditions are delightful. The girls at your work will be so thrilled to receive their treats. I remember you going ga ga over these PB pretzels in an earlier post, too funny! It is so special that you and ML have connected because you have such similar taste. Her gift to you is spectacular! Hope you enjoyed your visit with your mother and are feeling well these days! Happy Valentine's Day! Elizabeth

Heidi said...

You are too sweet! Thank you, friend. I love the little girl on mine! {{HUGS}}

full of bliss said...

Hello Joyce! I hope you are doing well and feeling better. What beautiful Valentines you created. One would feel treasured indeed to receive one of these beauties. Oh, and the chocolate dipped pretzels...yummo,they have my midnight snack buzzer going off right about now. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

marie said...

Now how did I miss commenting on this post! I know I read it ~ I sure feel like a scarecrow these days! "If I only had a brain"!

Love all your put so much work and so much love into every one. Anyone who receives one is so very lucky!! : )

The heart from ML is wonderful. The little "be my valentine" charm is so sweet. I bought a similar charm necklace from her a couple years ago. It has a nest in it and a tiny bird dangling below. It's one of my favorite necklaces.


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