Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall sneaked in while we were away

David & I have just returned from our annual Rehoboth Beach vacation which we both really needed this year.  We had a great week away and even though the weather wasn't the was still away and that is what's important.
When we left to come home on Friday morning the temperature in Delaware was 76-degrees. When we arrived home to Pittsburgh the temp was in the 50's. Yeesh!
On our way to the beach we were able to visit with Eric, Jane, Charlie & Miles for a little while. We had been hug deprived but got almost caught up on hugging and cuddling our sweet boys!
I can't believe that Charlie will be 4 and Miles will be 1  in November.

Both boys have more energy than we could ever keep up with but we tried.
One of the highlights was going to Charlie's very first basketball practice.
Imagine that...maybe 12 or 13, 4-6 year olds all dribbling basketballs at the same time.
My camera isn't equipped with the ability to photograph objects in the warp speed of motion that those kids were in. You can get the general idea though...

Please note that Coach Billy is about 6'8" tall. That alone was a funny picture
compared to these future hoopsters!
Of course, after all of that running and dribbling...a guy needs a cold drink...

Miles was looking on in envy at Charlie's new team jersey....mid-calf  length is making a comeback this fall!

A scene later that afternoon...
When he's tired...he can sleep any position!
On Sunday morning, we kissed everyone good-bye and headed to the beach.
I didn't realize until I got home and uploaded my pictures that there were  picutes of Eric and Jane. Sorry guys, but you understand who the stars are :D

When we're in Rehoboth, we always stay at the Bellmoor Inn and Spa.
It's a beautiful facility with wonderful amenities...
a great breakfast buffet...

Afternoon tea...

and beautifully appointed rooms...

The public areas are great, too...

While in the area, we were able to meet up with a wonderful woman who I have become friends with through blogging. If you don't know her, you can find her blog on my sidebar or just go here.
P.J. Johnston is a delightful, warm, funny woman who deserves a blog post of her own so I'll be back again tomorrow with some details of our visit with her and her charming husband, Stu.



woodandfabric said...

Wow! Joyce, Beautiful photos of you and David and the boys! Time flies so fast! It looks like a beautiful place to visit!
Have a great week!
Michelle *Ü*

mimi said...

Oh Joyce your pictures are so great. I can't believe how big the boys have gotten. They are just adorable. Your place at the beach looks beautiful. No wonder you stay there every year. It's just too bad you had to come home to this yucky weather. Did you dig out your winter coat yet ? :)

My Vintage Mending said...

So glad you had a chance to get away before the cold weather hit. Those boys are darling and as you well know it will be just mere moments before they will be 12 and 13. Mine were just in diapers it seems and now they are in cars. Lovely photos and great blogging friends..smiles..Renee

marie said...

"Getting away" matter the weather is always a wonderful thing. I'm so glad you and David had the opportunity to do that. A well deserved break from the crazy year you've had. Love the look of that breakfast bar. Yum!

I can not believe how big those boys are getting ~ time is flying by. The basketball photos are the one of the coach and his little team! Charlie looks good in red by the way...maybe he'd like a Red Wings jersey??

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

I love how very young kids turn so many sports into 'cluster ball'. It's endlessly entertaining for me.

ImagiMeri said...

How wonderful for you. It looks like you had a fabulous time. Although it might not have been restful, at least you refueled on all the most important goodies like hugs and kisses!

Welcome back!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Looks like we've both been on the run recently. It's always fun to get away. I loooooved all the adorable pics of the boys. I just can't believe that Miles is almost 1!
I'm so happy that you were finally able to meet with PJ. I'm so jealous. Lucky you! But then, I told her the same thing...lucky her. : )
Your little paper-covered leaves turned out outrageously cute, Joyce. And I love the little vignette you made for them.
It's nice to be back in "blog-town".
Have a great week,
Mary Lou

Nan said...

Well that looks like a wonderful get away for you. Nice photos and memories.

Heidi said...

Oh Joyce....I had a LOL at the huge jersy on Charlie! Too cute! And the motion photos are the best! Glad you had such a lovely visit!
Hugs, Heidi

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Joyce,
Your grandsons are getting oh so big, and are as handsome as ever! What a treat for you to include some time with them. That is terrific that they teach basketball to such young tikes. Love it! And the tea...oh so delightful!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi Joyce,
I've been dying to come back over here ever since your comment on my other Post. Only two blocks away??? Wow!! Taking "The Path" train was quite the experience. I could never live that lifestyle day after day either. That's for the young!
Your new photo at the top is just ADORABLE!!!
Mary Lou

Unknown said...

Joyce, We have watched these little fellas from the beginning! What fun to see them getting so big. PS I am smiling at your new profile photo. It's just wonderful! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather! Elizabeth


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