Saturday, October 22, 2011

Swamped here but I'm still a winner at Viv's!

It happens every year at this time. I have a big Craft Fair in 2 weeks and then another the following Wednesday. I have been so far behind because of other "life" things and because I am one of the world's worst procrastinators. I can't even show you peeks yet because so many things are in a half-completed state. Oh my, I'm 62...when will I ever learn that I can't stay up all night and craft.
I haven't been visiting my favorite blogs and I've not been on Facebook. I barely get my emails read and answered and I only spend 1/10 of the time I usually spend on Pinterest! (I'm almost done whining!)
I love the changing colors of fall but never really get to enjoy them because most of October is spent in a panicked state. Every year I say I'm going to start earlier but I never do.
OK-I'm finished with the whining already.
Having said all of that, I just want to say that my health is fine. I've gotten some emails from some worried friends and I'm OK. David is feeling better too, and learning about managing his diabetes. are the pictures I took of our family room decorated for Fall/Halloween...

(I said I wasn't packing "George" Claus away)

There are no children at this house anymore but I like to put some "cute" Halloween things around....not so much on the scary decorations.
I mentioned in the blog title that (in spite of the procrastinating) I am a winner!!
A fun, talented blogging friend, Viv, of Viv Out On a Whim,, had a great giveaway with an assortment of Halloween goodies and I won!!! Viv is a gifted artist and she has a big, fun loving family and some crazy cats. I couldn't wait to see what I had won!!
The package came on Thursday....and I was so excited to open it and see
what was inside...

Sweet needle felted acorns in a crepe paper basket and some vintage postcard reproductions

Two faux cupcakes that looked good enough to eat but had no calories

A really cute Halloween cone with a funny skeleton inside!

A copy of the Gooseberry Patch Halloween magazine, loaded with ideas...
and my favorite item ...the chenille pumpkin with the cinnamon stick stem!!!
To quote what Viv would say, "It's stinkin' cute!"
Thank you Viv..I love everything and have already incorporated my gifts into my dining room...

My faux cupcakes and faux acorns look great with my faux creamware, don't you think?
Thanks Viv!

Ok, it's back to crafting for me. No more whining...just work, work, work!
I hope to be around and visit soon...just know that I love you all and
appreciate the fact that you're still stopping by.



ImagiMeri said...

Oh happy day!!! What a bunch of goodies Viveroni sent you........she's sooooooo sweet. I got a lovely pin cushion from her a few years ago, and it still makes me smile when I look at it and think of her. Well all the goodies went to such a deserving sweet lady......YOU!

God Bless,

My Vintage Mending said...

So much good stuff I don't know where to begin. Love your new photo. I do hope I look that good at your young age. The fall decor looks so great and especially amongst the ironstone. Lucky duck with the winnings and so deserving as Miss Meri says. Enjoy your days of crafting...smiles...Renee

marie said...

Your new photo is wondeful and I love the polka
dot background...that's new right! My memory...geesh!!

You have some wonderful fall/halloween decorations and your "winnings" fit in beautiful. I have a squirrel just like the one to the left of the pumpkin on the shelf. Mine has tiny little flowers in his acorn cup and he's on my desk at work.

I hope you don't overdo it getting ready for the craft shows. get lots done...but stay rested. i can't wait to see photos of your craft show....I enjoy looking at them so much!
Happy Crafting Joyce!

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Joyce,
I somehow never pictured you as a I'm really impressed! I'm right there with you. :) Even as a child, I would wait until the night before to start and finish a book report or project. I somehow thought I would be so much sharper and intense waiting until the last minute. By the time I accepted that was so untrue, I was way too old to change. So, as a fellow procrastinator, I can totally sympathize.
Anyway, your Fall decorating looks fabulous, and congrats on winning Viv's giveaway. Good luck with finishing up your projects. :)

Jane said...

I'm a procrastinator too....but I like to think of it as working best under pressure :)
Good luck with your craft fairs!
Your fall decorations look or no kids around, we all need some fun fall decor!

Suz said...

No, Joyce. You cannot stay up all night at 62! I know because I am 62. On the other hand, I miss that "rush" of excitement I get when I am totally immersed in creating. It has been so long that my life was involved in that (well one year???).
Your house looks wonderful. Your banners are fantastic. I still haven't used my Cricut but there will be a time for that.

Jo said...

Good luck with getting ready for your craft shows. I'm a huge procrastinator too, so I know exactly what you mean. I'm sure everything will turn out wonderfully though. Congrats on winning those beautiful things from the giveaway. I thought those were real cupcakes before I read they were fake. Hope you have a great week and can enjoy some of the crafting that you have to be doing.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

All your "cute Halloween" decorations are just wonderful!!! I loved seeing my paperdoll witch hanging from your beautiful Santos doll! : )
Good luck with all your crafting. I can't wait to hear how it all goes. I hope you will take lots of pics, too! : )
Congrats on the giveaway from lucky girl.

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Oh my gosh, Joyce! You've done a beautiful job decorating for the holiday! All the right touches in just the right places. LOVE YOUR MANTLE!!!!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

One of these days I'll win Viv's giveaway! Nice treasures!
Your halloween and fall decor is great!
Can't wait to see what goodies you are making!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Hi Joyce!

So nice to get caught up with you. Your vacation sounds so wonderful and those boys are super cute! Lucky girl winning Viv's giveaway. I can't wait to see what you are making. You are SOOO talented. I had a hard time putting away my SUMMER banner you made. Once October rolled around I had to give in.


I originally had an ! after hugs, but I thought you might think I was shouting at you and I just meant it for enthusiasm! (See, I used it there to show my enthusiasm.)

Pamela said...

Great pictures...LOVE all the fabulous decorations! :)

Mimi Sue said...

I do the very same thing!! Why do I leave things til the very last minute?? Makes me crazy. Do love that Halloween cone thing. So cute. Mimi

cindy said...

love your blog. i’m following to learn many neat things from you.



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