Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Without Further Delay.....

The judges got together...

and picked the winner of my Birthday giveaway....

 YAY Deb!
Please email me your mailing address and I will get your Birthday prizes to you this week!
(The rest of you should go right over to Deb's blog and say hi...and look around while you're at it!)

To all of you; It has been so much fun this week,  reading all of your comments about your favorite age.
 As for me, all of the ages I've been have had their joys and their sorrows. I loved being a kid growing up in the 50's. I know this is going to make me sound old fashioned but times really were simplier back then. (No, I didn't walk uphill to school both ways!) I loved being the age I was when my children were born. ( I had a lot of evergy back then.)  I loved age 40 because it was a big turning point in my life in terms of who I was. I became a Grandmother at 59 and that was a wonderful age, too.
I have been blessed by God for all of the 61 years I've been on this earth and I hope he'll grant me many years to come. Thank you friends...old and new...for stopping here on your journey. I hope you'll come back again and say hello before I become this age...

In honor and gratitude for all of you, I will be sending a check to the Lutheran World Relief Fund for the people of Haiti. We will continue to pray for the safe recovery of as many people as possible and for care and comfort for all who have suffered because of this tragedy.
Have a wonderful rest of the week...I'll be back soon to show you some goodies I received for my Birthday!
Love, Joyce


mimi said...

What???? I think you made a typo---my name is spelled MIMI (heheheh) just kidding. Congratulations to Deb. I know she is going to love all of her goodies!!! I wish you a very special Birthday. I had such a wonderful time today. I loved being a part of your Birthday celebration.

My Vintage Studio said...

Hi Joyce. Hope your BD was a wonderful day!

Lucky Deb on winning your BD giveaway.

Wishing you a wonderful week.

Hugs, Sharon

Sandy Michelle said...

OH Happy belated Birthday Joyce!!! I hope all your birthday wishes came true! You are so generous to contribute to the World Relief Fund!!


linda said...

Again, happy birthday to you! Congrats to Deb! Let me tell you, a nicer person couldn't have won your her to death!

My name is PJ. said...

Congrats to Deb! Again, a belated Happy Birthday to the fabulous Miss Joyce. And thank you for donating to Haiti!!

LaurieStar said...

Yay to Deb! Thanks for the fun, Joyce, and I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

marie said...

I hope your day was super special and I hope it gave you a taste of those simpler times you mentioned. That wasn't old-fashioned at all - it was accurate! There are days I long for those simpler times!

Congrats to Deb!


Hi Joyce,
THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for all the great gifts that I WON!!! You are VERY generous to me and to the Haiti people.
I hope your birthday was WONDERFUL and you had lots of CAKE!!!
Deb :)

Linda said...

Hi Joyce,
Sorry I missed all the birthday celebrations but I wanted to stop by and send good wishes even if they're a little late. I hope your birthday was wonderful and that the coming year is filled with happiness and crafty goodness!

Creative Breathing said...

Joyce, Your sense of humor just sleighs me. Yeah for Deb, she won my giveaway, too. Have a lovely weekend! Elizabeth


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