Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am always amazed and impressed with the bloggers who post every day, and every day they show new things they've created. I let a week...or 2...or a month go by between posts sometimes, and it's always because I'm either eyeball deep in projects and can't post until they're complete or I am so busy reading everyone else's blogs and drooling over their creations that I'm not making anything at all!

Since my last post, I have been doing both! I've just completed a wedding book assignment for a customer.
I created a two page layout in 8X8-inch size for each member of the wedding party. On one page is a place for a picture or two, and on the facing page, a personal message to the bride and groom from the bridesmaid or groomsman. The title page pictured above is the couple's monogram. The last page features a spot for the bride and groom's picture, with the tag "happily ever after". There are 3 small brothers and sisters in the wedding party and so I created one page for all of their pictures and then a facing lined page so the ones who can print a message can do so. It was a fun album to make as the bride's favorite color is red, so I used the cranberry of the bridesmaids dresses and cream for the main color scheme with black (to match the tuxedos) as the accent. This allowed me to use my favorite Foof-a-La papers in red, cream & black and I thought they made an elegant book. Making custom memory albums is what I do for people. I enjoy creating books where pictured memories will be stored for years to come. Only twice have I made albums using the person's actual photos and that is hard to do when you might not know the person whose pictures are going in the album. I usually do just the creative part and then let folks choose their favorite pictures to place in the album. Baby shower albums, baby albums, wedding shower albums, First Christmas albums, Dog and/or cat albums; I've made lots of books for people in the past few years. Do I have a completed album for my 8 month old grandson yet? No, but I'm working on it!

The other project that I completed this afternoon is for a friend of mine. Her beloved cat recently died and the vet who who had been caring for the cat, came to the house and stayed with the cat and my friend and her husband until the cat passed ( which has to be a rare thing) My friend asked me to make a thank you gift for the vet using a favorite verse of hers.
The board is 6X8-inches. I used Basic Grey papers for the front and scaled down vintage sheet music for the back. I will give the completed piece to my friend tomorrow at church. I hope she is pleased with it.

I've run out of projects for now but I will leave you with two pictures. The first is my little friend Amelia, who comes to hang out with me on Thursdays (surrounded by 3 bears from my collection) We always have a good time together. The second picture is from Charlie's visit last weekend. He came with his Daddy to see us while his Mommy was out of town. We had a wonderful visit.
This last picture is of Charlie and Papa's feet....they have matching sandals! Papa thought that was pretty cool!


Heidi ( said...

What a lovely album! I wish I could hold it in person! I'm going to my neice's wedding this weekend and I wish I had an album made like your's.

Charlie is cute as ever...what a big smile YOU have while holding him! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

Your album is truly beautiful and will be treasured years from now!

Bev said...

I was waiting to see how that wedding album came out....gorgeous as ever! And I love the board you made with the bird! I love the colors.

And Charlie as cute as always!!

Amelia is getting soo big too!


Cora said...

Wow, the album is lovely. The bride is going to love this album.
Charlie is such a cutie.

Marie said...

I love the paper art you made for the vet - it's so pretty. I especially like the "sheet music" on the back of it.

Amelia looks like a really fun person to hang out great for you to be able to do that each week.

It's wonderful to spend time with grandchildren...glad you had a great time with your Charlie. I showed my daughter pictures of the name banner you made for his room. She loved it. Now she wants us to make one for her Charlie's bedroom...of course ours will be a little more feminine.

PS. I love little boy's sandals...with little toes sticking out! Too cute!

Vicki C said...

Gorgeous Creations! That was so sweet of you to make that for your friend who lost her cat.. it's beautiful!
The phots are darling!
ps. Thanks for coming by and sharing your childhood memories.. I just loved reading everyones posts! Really fun to take a trip down memory lane.

LaurieStar said...

Joyce - I had no idea that you made such beautiful albums for people. That wedding album is so elegant - I love that it's got so much color!
I wanted to thank you, too, for all the nice comments you've been leaving on my blog. When I read one of those, I feel very special and happy for the rest of the day! Thank you for that - sometimes a kind word can help so much when you need it! :)

Arlene said...

Your blog is cute! I am amazed at how often people post on thier blogs also...wish I had time to post more often (and more beautifully). You do a great job!

Janet King said...

I am just thrilled to see the plaque for our vet our your blog. It is so beautiful, as I knew it would be.

When we talked about this plaque, I gave you only the quote which is a favorite of mine. What you created for me is a beautiful expression of our gratitude to Dr. Ruffing for the incredible work she does with terminally ill animals. I have tears in my eyes right now because I know this plaque also reflects the loving hands and caring heart that created it.

You are one of the most talented, creative, generous and funny women that I know. It is a privilege and a blessing to have you as a friend. And I have the added benefit of seeing your marvelous creations up close and personal! I am a lucky woman, indeed.


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