Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've been looking over my blog today and have decided that it's too wordy. I have a tendancy to just blab on and on and on (my friends are laughing right now!), so this post will be few words but lots of pictures. If you have any questions (the few who actually read my blog) please leave me a comment. Speaking of comments, I'd love to do a blog candy give-away thing but I need you to let me know you're out there. More about that next time.

The first picture is a thank you card for a dear friend who hosted DPG & me for dinner at her tres chic loft apartment.

I decided to post these next pictures after seeing some of the dress forms from this post of Tiffany's and seeing a blog friend, Heidi's, "Spreckels" dress form. I don't have a full size dress form but I do collect dress form stamps. The third picture features my three favorites.
Some recent garage sale, flea market, antique store finds. I've decided to collect children's chairs. Not quite sure how I'm going to paint them or what I'll do with them once they're painted (I'm sure Charlie will score one of them) but for now, I just like looking at them and imagining all the children who have sat and played in these chairs.When I was a kid (before electronic games.....heck, before color TV) we would drag the kitchen chairs into the living room and line them up and play train...or bus...or car. Some of my bears decided to go for a ride today.I've been collecting bears for a long time. These are among the most recent additions. My wonderful friend, Pam, has given me three of these four.When I had my back turned for a moment, they must have circled their chairs around to chat...enough train rides for now. This guy with the bell around his neck is one of my favorites. All four of these bears are Boyd's bears. Some day I'll drag my handmade bears and "others" out to show you. Do you see the stenciled ants on my wall???? I don't like real ants in my house but the stenciled kind always make me laugh when someone discovers them for the first time.

While we're on an ant are some pictures of the invitation I made for my Book Group Cook Out for this year. I always use ants in some way on my invitaions and this year I found this cute picnic basket stamp at Stamp Fanci. Aren't the ants carrying the chicken drumstick and the olives a hoot? I stamped the basket on patterned scrapbook paper, cut them out and mounted them with dimentional tape for a 3-D look. If you're in the neighborhood next Saturday, stop in!Thanks for visiting today. I will plan some blog candy for my next post. Thanks to all of you who leave a comment, it means so much to know you're out there.

No new pictures of Charlie this time. So I will leave you with this vintage postcard image. (Does anyone know how to turn this image around?)


SweetBellaBug said...

Ok... so where do I start?!?!Just love the dress forms stamps! The one on the far left of your favorite 3 - I...MUST....HAVE!! ehehehe

And your picnic invite?!?! SOOO stinkin' cute!

and the bears? boy are they clever little things... next time your turn around they are going to be having a tea party!


Vicki Chrisman said...

woooooo.. LOVE them all! what a collection! And the chairs....Love them also!!

Heidi said...

Joyce, I love your form stamps. You have an amazing collection, who knew there were so many out there?

Your children's chairs are so cute, especially all lined up with teddy bears on them! I think I might try to set up a photo shoot like that one! Mine would have dolls mixed in with the bears!

GREAT ants on the wall!!!

marie said...

Hi Joyce,
I saw those dress form posts too - they were great....and your dress form stamps...what a wonderful thing to collect!

We have more than squirrels and fat birds in common...I collect bears and chairs too! But my chairs are adult size. Every time I'm at an auction and a single, lonely chair is offered - up goes my card!
I remember lining up the kitchen chairs for transportation too! I hadn't thought about until reading your post - thanks for the sweet memory!
Love the ants on the wall and oh, yes...I'll have the salmon!

Anonymous said...

Your dress form stamps are lovely!! I love your little chairs and they look especially cute with the bears on them! Thanks for sharing!

SurfacetoAirMedia said...

You're not wordy! :) LOVE those dress form stamps, they rule!!!

Sherelle said...

Hi Joyce~ You can link my recipe on your blog for sure!!! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Joyce - I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. I love your bears and chairs - just adorable. So your hubby's a Lutheran pastor? You need to check out my post on Vintage Ephemera from a few weeks ago...there's a ton of old Lutheran stuff! Love your scrap projects. :) Nancy

mimi said...

Hello my friend
Your post today has made me smile:)All your sweet little chairs look so cute together. Good thing you mentioned your bears were having fun or I might have thought that they were all in time out (hehehe)

Bev said...

Love the stamps!

Such a cute collection of bears too! Looks like you had a lot of "FUN" with those bears too!! *wink, wink*


LaurieStar said...

For some reason I always like seeing other people's stash! Love your stamps - those are neat. I don't have any dress forms. I also like those light blue chairs. I am into that color right now.


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