Wednesday, August 6, 2008

From my Deck Garden

This is what greets me as I step out on to our deck......a beautiful hibiscus plant that I just bought last week at Sam's Club! It has been blooming profusely ever since I brought it home.

....and this Stephonotis is blooming, too. My friend Patti ,the florist, gave me this tropical plant 5 years ago. Every fall I bring it inside and place it in my sunniest window for the winter. It goes dormant for the winter months, but then, in June, when I put it back out on the deck, it perks right up and sprouts new growth and blooms with these beautiful waxy white flowers. Stephonotis used to be the favorite flower for bridal bouquets....I don't know how widely it's used these days. I'll have to ask Patti. Lastly, we have the grape tomatoes...They grow in a pot on the deck, also. We planted tomatoes and other vegetables when we first moved to our home 17 years ago. One day, I drove down the driveway after work, and there was a big, fat, groundhog...munching on a tomato. He barely gave me glance. It was MY tomato!!!! That ended garden planting. Now all of my herbs (except the chives and garlic) and tomatoes grow high up on the deck....where the groundhogs and deer can't feast! We do have to keep an eye out for the chipmunks, though. They don't even like tomatoes but will take a bite and leave the remainder on the stem...grrrr! So far this year, I haven't seen any.

Short post....till next time. Have a great weekend. It is beautiful here in Pittsburgh this weekend. Temps in the 70's-YAY!


marie said...

Yum...grape tomatoes! Just like eating candy!

Love the flowers too!

deb said...

I love hibiscus plants but I've had two and killed both. :( And those tomatoes look delish. I'm anxiously awaiting my MIL's tomatoes since this year I didn't plant any. There's always next year!


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