Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Exciting happenings for June

I have not written anything about this officially, but I have been invited to join 23 other lucky women to participate in the Happy Birds Workshop happening in St. Louis in June.

St. Louis you say?
Yes. And why St. Louis? Because the Happy Bird Workshop will be held at the studio of
When I found out that I had been selected, I almost couldn't breathe! There will be top-notch instructors to guide us in a particular project (the picture above is a hint) which is making a doll house. Honestly, how much fun will this be??? Lots!!
As exciting as this is, it isn't the only unbelievable part of this opportunity. Also attending is a dear friend of 10+ years....the lovely and talented Linda Smith, formerly the fearless leader of the Swap For All Seasons swap group. We will be meeting in person for the first time and I am equally excited about that!

Linda sent me this adorable postcard right after we were notified of being selected.

There are more details and pictures to share but I'll just leave this here for now. 
(It's a real challenge to post from my iPad)
I hope you're having lovely Spring weather wherever you are!

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Linda said...

I still can't believe it either, Joyce! I can't wait to give you a big hug!


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