Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween with Ivins and Prima

Happy Hallloween!
Only one day until the big Craft Show...I'm trying to get everything finished up today so that we can just enjoy seeing all of the kids tonight as they come around for Trick or Treat!
I wanted to show you the special Halloween card I made for my sister.
When we were little, we always looked forward to the Fall because that is when Ivins Spiced Wafers would appear in the grocery stores.

 Oh how we loved them with a cold glass of milk!
They are almost impossible to find anymore, unless you want to spend $18.95 for 2 boxes on Amazon!
Well, lucky us...every year my sister and brother-in-law take a jaunt to the New Jersey shore to visit friends and there is a grocery store there that carries Ivins!!! Barb always gets us each a few boxes and I bring mine home after we're together at Thanksgiving. David isn't so crazy about them so I don't even have to share! Ivins are one of those things that immediately take me back to my childhood.
In honor of my loving sis who always remembers, I decided to make her an extra special treat this year!

A Julie Nutting for Prima Paper Doll and Ivins Spiced Wafer Halloween card! Yup, I used the box front and built from there...

You know that I'm a "cute" Halloween person and not so much a "scary" fan. Of course, I had to add a little bling to my witch!
I hope you have a treat filled day..

I will be back after the Craft Show is over with pictures and 
Swap goodies! I may even have a give-away!
Happy Halloween!!!



Jo said...

It's so nice to be able to look forward to a seasonal treat. What luck that they found a grocery store that carries them. Enjoy yourself tonight and over the weekend!

Unknown said...

Oh Joyce, This is so cute and vintage! Say, could a friend get a scan of the front of that cookie box????? :):)

Mimi Sue said...

I don't think those cookies were sold in California where I grew up. They sound delish. Good luck with your craft show. Happy Halloween to you! Mimi

Perfectly Printed said...

Good luck at the craft show!

Davi said...

What a fun fun card for your sis and such a thoughtful one to remind her of your special childhood mememories, those are the best!

Sherrie K. said...

Wow, how cute is this!! I love the idea behind it all! Your sister will love it:) The prima doll is so stinken cute!

Sherrie K

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Cute as heck! What a great idea with the box front! I'm so curious about these cookies. I may have to hunt some down, then use the box in my Halloween display!
Bet your sister loves it-
Erica :)

Lorraine said...

Hi Joyce, very cute!! I'm your partner in the Swap for All Seasons. I wanted to make sure you received my email, because the first one I sent was returned. Looking forward to creating for you :)

Unknown said...

Great memory and I love how you added it to a card. I hope you had a nice Halloween :)

Sandy xox

marie said...

I have never heard of these cookies...but I have to say that they are least they are as cards!
Love this!!!

Primitive Seasons said...

JOYCE! JOYCE! I too remember Ivins. Lots of stores in Baltimore carried them. My mom used to use them in the gravy when she made sour beef and dumplings. Sounds gross but it added just the rite "tang." Thanks for the memories. Blog and projects look great!

Hugs, Mary


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