Tuesday, April 2, 2013

512 Lake Street Spoolie Swap...do you know what a Spoolie is?

I'm late with my post about the swap that was hosted by sweet Sandy of
512 Lake Street.  This was an Easter/Spring Spoolie Swap and I was lucky enough to be partnered with 
Carolynn of Chenille Cottage. Carolynn is a super talented lady who does many things well.
We were to create a "Spoolie" for our partner and then include some other treats that we thought our partner might enjoy. 
A spoolie is an art piece composed on top of a spool of some type (sewing thread or ribbon spools being the most popular) This was an interesting challenge but a fun project to execute.
For my spoolie I used a vintage spool of cotton sewing thread that was in my ancient sewing box and probably belonged to my Mother.

I attached the wooden spool to a vintage Jell-O mold for height. A strip of patterned paper was wound around the spool and at its base, some crepe paper fringe.
I printed and cut an image of a little girl and her duck and mounted her atop the spool. I cut a second identical image and made the figure dimensional.

I die cut a sun circle to back her with and then attached little yellow roses around her feet.
For the rest of the treats, I decorated a small red polka dotted notebook with sewing theme images, 

some fun straws and cupcake papers (Carolynn really loves red)

A chicken (or it might be a rooster) from a collection that my Mother had. (At this point it would be considered vintage I think as my Mom has been gone  34 years)
 a small Easter banner and 2 polka dotted egg cups...
and as always, I include some yummy local chocolate...
Everything ready for wrapping...
and after the wrapping...

NOW for the wonderful gifts I received from Carolynn in return...
An adorable spoolie made with a felted chick!!! (Carolynn said this was her first attempt  but it looks so perfect it's hard to believe)

I had to show all the views of this cutie...even the face has personality. Love the party hat!
This is the beautiful fabric covered box she came in...

Now if the felted chick wasn't enough, how about some felted eggs...in a cute little egg box!

You did notice that the eggs are polka dotted....we're both polka dot lovers!
One of Carolynn's many talents is sewing. She made coasters...
and a darling banner using Easter fabric

and then the chocolate....

This was a super fun swap and I truly feel blessed to have made a new friend!
Thank you Carolynn, for all of your wonderful gifts to me and
thanks to Sandy for hosting this swap.



Unknown said...

Wow! What fun Easter items you girls traded! Chris

marie said...

I never knew about spoolies....what a cute idea! Love how both turned out!!
Both banners are so adorable, and I love the coasters that Carolynn sent you, and th enotebook you made for her.
Your packaging (as usual) is awesome!!

I haven't done a swap in forever....I think I may need to be on th elook out for one!

So happy to see a post from you!

vivian said...

I keep telling everyone that I think this was one of the most swaps Ive ever taken part in! I love the spoolies you girls made. I have two more old spools that I'm planning on doing something patriotice and something summery on when then time comes this year.
have a great week!

Jo said...

Oh wow, it all looks lovely! I am envious of your felted chick and eggs, I must admit. That chick is adorable! I love the spoolie you sent to her too. You both did a wonderful job! Looks like a very successful swap.

Mimi Sue said...

Love your cute little spoolie! And that felted chick! Adorable! Mimi

Unknown said...

You both did so well! I continue to enjoy seeing all of the creative ladies in our part of Blogland!

Jean Knee said...

so many cute things you two sent each other

Unknown said...

Hello Joyce, Your spoolie is absolutely adorable. This ia a "Joyce" package for sure with all your tuck-ins. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful card. I have been following drs orders and hope to be up and about soon. Again thank you! E

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What great swap goodies, Joy! I am slowly pulling together my swap goodies for Elizabeth's swap. I need to decorate my box and I love the image on the box you received. Not sure if I'm going to cover it with paper or fabric. Whichever gives me less problems, I guess! : )

woodandfabric said...

It looks like a wonderful swap! Great goodies!
I'm glad you're back Joyce!! The other day I was not able to leave a comment, I hope this time it will be ok

Chenille Cottage said...

Hello, my dear friend,
I am finally settling in after having my Mom with us for the past few weeks. I loved having her but it's good to get back into my usual routine.
Oh...What a sweet post, Joyce. You featured each gift so nicely. I am enjoying all your pretties and will keep your darling swag and spoolie out for some time to come. So many of my friends have ooed and ahhd at your handiwork. You are so gifted. I would love to take classes from you.
I must admit that I have had spoolies and swags on the brain ever since the swap. I've not been able to spend a minute in my sewing room since then. I am looking forward to carving out some time to retreat and just play.

Thank you, again, for every lovely and thoughtful thing that you sent me. When I get my computer woes solved I will be posting them. I am so frustrated with my new laptop that has Windows 8 on it. I miss my trusty old laptop...Sadly, it totally died.
Have a happy day!
Blessings to you, my friend,
Carolynn xo

Unknown said...

Wow, your stash of lovely treasures is beautiful, and I love how you wrapped everything. Your gifts were so beautiful too. I love swaps.

Happy Monday.


Angela said...

Oh goodness you girls made such nice spoolies! Did you like the carrot chocolate? I gave that to my swap partner as well and had an extra to try. Yum! Have a great day!


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