Monday, May 20, 2013

In My Mail Recently...Tinkered Treasures, Toms and World Market

It's been a long time since I've posted (again!) but I wanted to share some things that have come in the mail over the past 2 months.

I have written several times about my blogging friend Elyse Major.

She has a delightful blog and Etsy store both named Tinkered Treasures.
She has had numerous magazine articles published in Romantic Homes, French Country Homes, 
Flea Market Decor and Cottages & Bungalows, just to name a few.
Elyse is a tinkerer. 
After selling her creations on Etsy for a number of years, she decided to write a book...a cuter than cute book with....well, uh, tinkered treasures! Easy to do projects with very clear, illustrated instructions. Charming, totally charming! As soon as it was available to pre-reserve a copy at Amazon, I did so. In March, I received my copy. This is the book and some of the treasures I have received from Elyse over the years.

There are instructions for these and many more (35 in all) projects in the book. 

These are the only peeks I can show you right now...but trust me, this book is lots of fun. I don't think it's available at Barnes & Noble but you can find it at Amazon or in Elyse's Etsy store.

Another item that showed up in my mail are these adorable shoes from Toms Shoes.
Do you know about Toms shoes? For every pair of shoes purchased from their company, they will give a new pair of shoes to a child in one of 50 countries. That's a pretty neat policy. The link to the classic shoes is here, but I don't see the pair I ordered...maybe they sold out. It wouldn't surprise me. They are beautiful! Anyway, I have to thank my friend Heidi for pinning a picture of these shoes on Pinterest. I couldn't fly over to Toms website fast enough. What do you think? Now I just have to find some protective spray for them so they don't get dirty.

Another friend posted a picture of a French glass drying rack on Facebook and I fell in love with it. The only problem was that it was very large and very expensive...Pottery Barn maybe. My dear friend Marie pointed me toward World Market where they have a smaller version for EEK! $14.99. When I went to order it, I was given a 15% discount because it was my first order. Can't beat that! (You can find it here)

Thanks Heidi and Marie for your enabling  advice and guidance!
Now I've passed it on to you, my readers.



marie said...

I have Elyse's book too...she is SO CREATIVE!! I love that there are sweet ideas for crafty things I can make with the grandkids.

The Toms are cute....very you! They certainly coordinate well with this post! :)

So glad you got the drying rack...and it was my pleasure to help you spend your $$!

Good to hear from you...hope retired life is settling into something very special!


That was a fun post and nice to catch up with you! Very pretty shoes and fun coffee rack!

Mimi Sue said...

I love the cute projects she makes. Thanks for the info on that French drying rack. I'm on my way to get one for myself. Mimi

Heidi said...

Hi Joyce!
You bought the Tom's shoes! They are SO cute! My heart jumped when I saw them here, and then to read you own them now????? :)

Elyse's book looks like it's full of fun projects. I need more time to T*I*n*K*e*r!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I often click through the Pins, too, trying to find the availably of products I Pin. Good job on your part with the Tom's!

Hugs and Treasures! Heidi

Elyse said...

hi joyce!

gosh, it's so fun to see the little things you have from me! i almost forgot about the frame i had made!

thank you so very much for the sweet words about my book. i'm sitting here at the computer with the biggest smile on my face. thank you again!

LOVE the tom's shoes and drying rack. wonderful finds!

happy tinkering!


permanent magenta said...

That is a very fine postal haul.
I love Elyse's projects and she is such a wonderful, generous, creative person! Its great to see her here.
That is a lovely pair of shoes and spirit to go with them.
(And, um, -nice rack! ;)


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