Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas/Winter Decorations

It's only the 9th of January...too soon to take down the Christmas/Winter decorations. It is sunny today so I thought I'd snap some pictures.

The majority of our decorating this year happened in the dining room. We had arranged for new carpeting to be installed in the family room on December 30 and it seemed silly to put up the big tree in there and have to take it down before New Years. We put the 7-foot tree in the dining room with only white lights, crystal garland and Swarovski snowflake ornaments. It looked magical and we both decided that we liked the tree in  a simpler form.

In the family room, we had our little 4-foot Swedish tree with apples, straw ornaments and...

 some new Tomptes...

Only a few Santas from my collection were displayed...

and a sweet piece I purchased on Etsy several years ago...

(That whole scene is in an Altoid tin!)
OK-moving on now to what has been distracting me lately!



Oh...very pretty Christmas in white, silver with "diamonds"!!
Very cool altered tin!
Love your word for this year: FOCUS!!
Thanks for visiting me! Makes my day!
Cool 1/2 birdcage that you use to display goodies!
deb :)

Unknown said...

Joyce, So very pretty and you have a large home! I adore that Altoid tin!!! Meri would too! :)

Unknown said...

It's all so lovely girl! All the best for 2012!!!

Sandy xox

My Vintage Mending said...

What a beautiful distraction...I enjoyed them all! Wonderfully simple and elegant. Smiles....Renee

mimi said...

I am such a lucky girl to have seen all of these beautiful decorations in person!!!! What a wonderful afternoon.

LaurieStar said...

I love that new picture of you up on the front right of your blog! Very flattering! I also love your white winter decorations. For some reason I took everything down and put it all away quickly this year. Guess I was in the mood for a fresh start. I put all kinds of bird houses, nests and blue/shabby aqua in it's place. We haven't had much snow here which is odd so I am dreaming of spring. Happy new year, my friend! :)

Jo said...

Beautiful trees and decorations. I can see why you don't want to take them down. A lot of them are very winterish, not exactly Christmasy.

ImagiMeri said...

Beautiful decor for a beautiful lady! I just took down the majority of Christmas last weekend, but still have quite a bit to pack away. I hope the new year brings you nothing but good things and joy.


vivian said...

love your altoid tin scene! and all your decorations as well. mine are still all up. thought I would start taking them done during the week this week... we'll see!
have a great day

Elyse said...

hi joyce!

everything is so pretty and charming but you know i am GASPing over that altoid tin!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a wonderful piece!

wishing you a 2012 filled with health, happiness, love and creativity!


KatyDidStitches said...

Beautiful...I love it all!

I'm so happy to see that there's somebody else out there who enjoys Christmas decor well into January. I visited a blogger the other day who puts her things away on Christmas DAY! Can you imagine? This made me so sad. Our tree is still up and LIT as I write this!

A most happy and healthy 2012 to you and yours, Joyce!



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