Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This Thursday is the weekly gathering of our Book Group.
We are reading this book for January...
By the time I got to page 3 I was hooked!

I'm only half way through the book because of the distractions...
watching this...

I gave David the First Season of Downton Abbey DVDs for Christmas.
I was advised to purchase the UK version as it is not edited. (Apparently the
Masterpiece Theater series is edited)
I also ordered Season Two which will be out in February

We both love British period drama and comedy.
Back in the 90's we were in LOVE with these girls...

(which you can find here)

Further distractions....
Playing with this...

my new Kindle Fire...a gift from our daughter Michelle

Words With Friends is my favorite game. Do you have it? If you'd like to play with me let me know.

Then there is Angry Birds...

Fun for one but it can be time consuming!
Then of course there's

(the link to my boards is right on my right column)

While on Pinterest the other day I came upon this recipe for

I made it last night for supper and it was delicious!!
The only modifications were that the tomatoes I used were flavored with Fennel and Peppers.
We didn't even add salt and pepper because the soup on it's own was so flavorful.
We had a crusty French baguette with dipping oil as our side.
Yummy and hearty!!

OK-back to the Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie society..



Jo said...

Sounds like you are having a lot of enjoyment with everything. Distractions aren't all bad if you are having fun. :-) Although, I will agree, I get frustrated when I'm suppose to do something and Pinterest sucks me in. The soup sounds super yummy. Thanks for the link.

BTW, in case you didn't see it, the Angry Birds party post is up.

Jenny's Heart said...

We LOVED Downton Abbey. I did not know it was edited...wonder what we missed?
Looks like your year is starting out full of fun :)

mimi said...

Oh YUMMY I'm glad that the soup recipe was a hit!!! I think I will be off to the grocery store for ingredients.
It's going to rain in a bit--a good day for reading under a warm snuggly quilt---enjoy!!!

Mimi Sue said...

There are so many fun things to distract us nowadays! Could stay on Pinterest for hours. Soup sounds delish for this time of the year! (The other) Mimi

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I LOVE that book...maybe I'll read it again! Hugs! ♥


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