Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Brunch

It was a cold and snowy day...

David had to clear off the driveway and sidewalks...

I had planned it for weeks. Friends coming for a Winter Brunch.
 Everyone bringing something to contribute to the meal.
I had undecorated the dining room from it's Swedish Christmas red and whites
and redecorated in the silvers and whites of Winter.

The table was set with white table linens, silver placemats, the "good" monogrammed silver, glass plates, a variety of glassware, and interesting napkins...

At each place was a clear ornament ball, holding vintage white buttons and
decorated with lace and seam binding, and a sequined crown...
and treat bags for each guest...along with some homemade cocoa mix...

The table was decorated with a centerpiece consisting of a mirror square on which sat
a pewter bowl filled with an assortment of silver, mercury glass and glittered ornaments.
The large Bethlehem star was found at Crate & Barrel several years ago.
Silvery snowflakes were scattered around the table and silvery Hershey's kisses
 scattered as well. My big mistake, of course, was decorating the table the day before the brunch.
Needless to say...I had to replenish the kisses before the guests came because
every time I passed through the dining room (and I got to the point where I had to
pass through  once or twice an hour!) I grabbed as many as my hand could scoop up
one or two.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we ate some more, we exchanged gifts...

We had a wonderful time, relaxing together after the merriment of Christmas was over.
I wish you all could have come. Next year, I'd be happy to set a place for you...



Diane Mars said...

Joy the table looked beautiful, I bet your guest loved everything, poor hubby but it had to be done! The crowns were just the perfect touch we should all be treated like queens! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Diane

Mimi Sue said...

So fun on a dreary winter day. Your table is gorgeous! Love those little roses on the boxes. Have you showed us how to make them? Could you? Mimi

marie said...

What a beautiful table you've all the white and silver. I'm getting together with two friends for our Christmas celebration next Wednesday...we'll be meeting at The Cheesecake Factory. I think your idea of a party at home is so much nicer...I'll be suggesting it to them.

I love all your cute snowmen...they are the best decoration...I get at least three months out of them. Nice that you had the snow outside to compliment it all. What a sweetie your David is to clear a path for your friends.

Are the items in the last photo the gifts you gave? They are just the flowers...are they hard to make?

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Looks sooo fun! I'll be there next year..Oh..guess I need to know where, huh..
Oh well, I'll be there in spirit ;-D

karenshopes said...

Your table looks lovely hope you all had a wonderful time.

vivian said...

looks lovely! what did you serve to eat? (you know.. Im all about the food!) lol
happy weekend Joyce!!

woodandfabric said...

oh Joyce, Such A Beautiful Table setting! White and sliver is a winner combo! I'm sure you got a wonderful Time with your friends!
Michelle *Ü*

Amy said...

Your table looks so wonderful and inviting.
My favorite thing to do is set a nice table. My family thinks I am crazzy, but they always support me.
Thank you for stopping to check out my tag for E's swap. I am on my way through your blog to check out your now. Looking forward to a year of getting to know you.

Sandy said...

I love your sparkly and pretty! I'd like to be invited next year, but...since we don't live next door, guess that wouldn't work...darn! Yeah...I'm all about the food too...what did everyone bring? Bet you guys had the best time ever, chatting, eating (see I'm about food), enjoying each other company.. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Have a wonderful weekend Joy... ttyl xoso Sandy O

Debbie Doughty said...

I can't imagine a more perfect way to spend a snowy winter day!

Unknown said...

Oh Joyce,
What a lovely setting and what a wonderful friend you are!!!! I so wish I could have come!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful!!!!!! Youa re such a thoughtful, loving friend.....I just know everyone felt soooo special! How about one of these days we talk on the phone....or doyou have Skype? I would love to catch up! Sandy

Heidi said...

Hi Joyce! You scared me at first, I thought you were going to say your friends couldn't come because of the snow! Ah, but now I see they probably would have done ANYTHING, including hiking 5 miles in the snow to get to your Winter Brunch!

How gorgeous! Every detail taken care of with perfection. You have a lovely touch! I didn't know what a "tablescape" was a few years ago, now I would say your's tops the charts! I love the clear bulb filled with white buttons, so cute! I want to save that idea!

How precious are the people God puts in our lives. How precious are you to prepare for them in your home. It reminds me of God preparing Heaven for us even now--all done with LOVE.
Hugs, Heidi

Suz said...

Joyce, you have set up the prettiest party for your friends.You are such a great hostess and are treating your guests so specially. I love your white and silver decorations. It seems like things are so boring after Christmas and you came up with a party. Was this for twelth night. We had neighbors who used to have a really nice twelfth night party each year. The gifts with the red flowers look very interesting. You might have to snow us more of those!

Bev said...

The table setup was beautiful and I know that you guys had a wonderful time if I know who was invited. LOL! What cute gifts they brought too! Stay warm and have a wonderful's coming soon!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Joyce! My heart actually quickened when I saw your pewter collection. Wow!!

NanE said...

Good morning Joyce! What a fun and beautiful brunch idea. OK, love the snowman on the cake stand, and the little girl in the chair with the sates hanging over the arm, so cute! The table looks gorgeous with all the white and silver! Next year, set a place for me, lol! Have a wonderful week! Nan
PS, forgot to ask, I'm assuming you are a Steelers fan too? I was so happy they beat the Ravens, I hate the Ravens!


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