Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Snow????

We are supposed to get 8-10 inches of additional snow this afternoon and tonight, on top of the 26 inches we got last Friday. The roads around here are still not very good from the last snow. Because the Washington, DC area might be getting 12-18 inches more, Eric, Jane and Sweet little Charlie will probably have to postpone their visit at the end of the week.. That makes us sad. We really miss them.
The only good thing about being snowed in is that I got a bunch of drawers and a closet cleaned out and reorganized. It's amazing what I found.
I have also gotten a good bit of Valentine crafting done. Cards for friends, goodie bags for co-workers and collages for some special people. Supplies for cards and collages were assembled....

I took a trip to the post office this morning to get my cards and packages in the mail. Here is one of the collages...can't tell you who it's for...it's a surprise!
I enjoy doing hybrid paper crafting. Some of the paper is vintage and some is digitally produced and printed out. Don't you love the tape measure? It was from a digital kit...
it looks very real and adds an interesting touch I think. I hope my friend likes it.
Are you making any Valentines?


Jeanne said...

We are having a now day here too. Love that beautiful Valentine you made. Your friend is going to adore it!

mimi said...

SNOW SNOW SNOW!!! I am watching it fall outside my window as I type this. The only good thing is that it allows time for extra crafting. I know this girl will not be venturing out of the house until---hmmmm---maybe July (heheheh) I love all of your beautiful Valentines. I know that special friend is going to be so surprised and thrilled to receive it.
Stay warm and safe

marie said...

Hey Joyce!
This is probably my last comment/post for a couple days. The cable company can't get to my place until Monday! : (
I'm heading out of work for home now. Be safe in all this crazy snow.....and I'm so sorry you won't be having thoe special visitors. I hope they can re-schedule real soon!!
Looks like you've made wonderful use of your time - such sweet Valentine goodies!

marie said...

P.S. You blog looks so pretty!

oliviapaige said...

Beautiful valentine. You friend will be very pleased, I'm sure.

Yes, I made a couple dozen for a Valentine card swap. Time consuming but lots of fun!

BTW. Found your blog through Cathy Scalise's Amour Valentine Swap.

Olivia Paige


Hi Joy,
Very nice collage for your special friend. I made a few cardsand used some of the ME embellishments that I won from you and I collage for my sister this weekend.
We have more than enough SNOW here also...can't see the dogs when they are outside..have to make them paths.
Deb :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh I'm so sorry that the snow cancelled their visit! We are expecting a snow storm tonight as well. Your Valentines look delightful :)

Sandy xox


One nice thing about being snowed in, you get to do your crafts and things. I enjoy watching old musicals and reading too.

Celestial Charms said...

Keep safe with the extra snow coming your way. They say we might actually get some snow flurries here in Central Texas. A freak occurance, but I'll be peeled to the window, looking for some. I even promised the children, I would wake them up if they were sleeping. Funny, the differences in our terrain. I've not had any time to make Valentines this year, but I enjoy looking at everyone elses. That was a lovely one you posted today.

Mimi Sue said...

Better to be safe than sorry even though it is hard to wait to see grandbabies! Stay warm and cozy while this weather lasts. Mimi

簡單生活 said...

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.............................................

My name is PJ. said...

I love the tape measure! You make the prettiest things!

Where do you live (state)? I should remember, but I have post menopausal brain, so I don't. Your weather is like ours. Our state is closed this week. Schools too. DE can't handle snow.

LaurieStar said...

Hi Joyce - sorry about all the snow you're getting. Bummer, huh? We're getting some today too. Blah! You've reminded me though, that I wanted to make a Valentine gift for Chloe's teacher. So I'd better get busy! :)

Lea said...

Hello! I'm visiting you today through Heidi...
Your blog is delightful. Love your name! SCRAP FOR JOY! Makes me wanna leap!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh, these latest creations look wonderful. I love turning vintage people into fairies. I hope they don't mind. ;-)
Sorry to hear about more snow!! Time to "get out of Dodge"! ;-)
Mary Lou


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