Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Swaps, swaps and more swaps!

These past several weeks have been crazy at 9010. We traveled to my sister and brother-in-law's home in Chatham, New Jersey for Thanksgiving and had a fun time with family. Right before we came home David started with what he thought was a cold but ended up being a horrible sinus infection which knocked him out for almost a week. During that week he was home I had some minor surgery to remove some basal cell carcinoma from my face. The procedure went well and the Dr. warned that I might end up with a black eye. Two days passed with not too much discoloration and then BOOM-I suddenly looked like I was the loser in a prize fight! I was going to post a picture but decided it was just too ugly for you to see! A week later I am still a lovely shade of yellow and purpleish-red all around my eye. It doesn't hurt at all and the incision is healing well....I'm just a sight fright to see. OK-on to some fun stuff!
In the middle of all of that, I had 3 swaps due! YIKES! I became totally overwhelmed with projects and needing to clean the house and decorate for Christmas so I took myself away from the computer for a bit to get some things finished. Now, all of my swap packages have been mailed (insert sigh of relief here) and I am on to cleaning and decorating simultaneously which is how I often work.
Today I will share the swaps with youThe first swap was A Swap for All Seasons, Altered Cabinet card swap. My partner was Sharon Wideman of My Vintage Studio. Sharon completely spoiled me with her swap goodies!! She sent art supplies...(CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE)

vintage cards, buttons, a sweet cottage hot pad......

Beautiful tags that Sharon makes (and sells in her Etsy Store) The pictures do not do these cards justice!

The cabinet card is the most beautiful creation ever! The baby picture is gorgeous but what Sharon did to alter it was magnificent!

Aren't the lace and yards and yards of vintage ribbon amazing? (Did I mention that there were Godiva Chocolates in the package? No? So sorry, they're gone...but not forgotten!)
If you want something to do in the slower days of January, Linda has just announced a
Vintage Valentine Swap at A Swap for All Seasons.
I wouldn't miss this might want to try it out!My cabinet card for Sharon...

I just loved these two little cherubs!
I also sent supplies for Sharon to use in her art...she has some pictures posted on her blog.
My second swap  has become an annual tradition. It is an ornament swap with Deb of
There were groups of 5 and we were to make and send an ornament to each of the women in our group. Before I realized that Holiday Home was the theme for the swap....I decided to go with a "tree" theme.
 (My brain really has been on overload!)
I made origami  tree ornaments....

some tree tags and a chocolate tree....

Are you still with me?
The final swap was the Vintage Christmas Tag swap that my friend
Elizabeth of Creative Breathing hosted. We were to make 15 for each swapper and send them all to Elizabeth. She is going to put all of the tags on a ring and send them out to everyone. I really enjoyed this one because Elizabeth chose a large (6x3-inch) tag format to work with. We had the option to make them all of the tags alike or use different images. I can't do 15 of one thing so I chose my favorite cute vintage images and just played with different techniques and styles and had a blast. I will post the tags I receive when they arrive but in the meantime, if you go to Elizabeth's blog (did you know that clicking on any words I have highlighted in a different color will take you to another blog? Click on Creative Breathing, above.) you can see some peeks of the tags she has already received.
 (Not surprisingly-I am the last swapper to send my tags!)

There you have it for now. When I look over this post and the pictures, I can understand why I'm so tired! I love swapping. I've gotten to know some of the nicest people through blogging and swapping  and this creative outlet keeps me off the streets and certainly out of the mall! If you've never tried a swap, think about jumping in. Start'll be amazed at what you will learn.
Back to my cleaning/decorating mode! The new tree goes up tonight!
If you are in the mood for a Give-away....

my friend Marie of  Spun By Me has a dandy one going on right now. If you enter, please mention that you came from my blog. Good luck!


mimi said...

Oh my gosh Joyce you were not kidding---you have been busy!!! Your tags are wonderful--I think my favorite is the snowman family in that fun red car!! I love your trees for the Say it with Letters swap!! I know thoses ladies in your group are going to LOVE them. And you were right the cabinet card from Sharon is truly amazing. I can't wait to see it in person :) and you too :)

Creative Breathing said...

Dear Joyce, I'm so glad you have been off the streets lately because you have provided us with the most amazing paper creations ever. I am embarrassed to thank you for all the lovely things you sent my way. You are such a very kind person and so sweet to me. I have always loved your journal books. The Oragami tree - my Dear Friend and I just couldn't stop looking at it! Joyce, your tags are so beautifully detailed. That means so much to me. Treasures for all times. I'll tear up if I think about the vintage cards you parted with. I can't wait for you to get your tags. I added some note cards to your little box and didn't even have room for tissue paper - so unlike me. Again, Joyce I now know the joy of paper crafts because of you. Thank you so very much. Elizabeth

Celestial Charms said...

First, I hope your hubby is feeling better. Sinus infections are nasty. Second, I hope your black eye and any discomfort goes away very soon. How you were able to get all that creating finished is beyond me. So many beautiful things were made and exchanged. Lovely. Hope you now have some down time to relax. Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos.

My name is PJ. said...

They're all so beautiful and festive. I'm continually amazed at the amount of talent in Bloglandia!

Just looking at all that work made me tired! I can't imagine having the time and wherewithall for it!

Really beautfiul though!!!!

Lori said...

Wow! What wonderful, beautiful items Sharon sent you. She has such talent! Love your creations as well---those Origami trees are absolutely gorgeous! I'm glad I stopped by to share in your enjoyment.

Lyneen said...

WOW I can only keep up with one swap... you are amazing... you were spoiled... in the Cabinet Card swap and the baby card is Beautiful.... love the origami Christmas trees and all the tags. NOW relax and enjoy the season. thanks for sharing.

marie said...

My goodness you've been busy! I love the tags you made ~ the snowfolk in the car are the cutest ever! That tag is adorable...all of them are. Your tree swap was great too - love the origami trees. I think every Holiday Home needs at least three of them! The tree with the curly branches is cute!
The Cabinet Card swap was awesome. I loved that one. I swapped with Linda's sister Susie. She sent me a beautiful one. I still need to post about it. The one you received is so pretty and I really like the one you sent. The children are adorable and the black ribbon is the perfect touch. Especially with the sheet music border. I love your altered art style!

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway!

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Joyce! I did the one on one tag swap but for somereason, I'm goign to get a whole set in return! I'm so excited! Your tags are so cute- and all the other's I've seen are adorable, too. I love vintage children's cards the best! ♥

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh my goodness gracious...someone get a mop. I've been drooling for the past five minutes. SO MUCH beauty in one post. Lucky you, talented you, creative you! I'm SO happy you shared all of this with us.
I hope that eye color is coming back around to normal. I'm sorry hubby was sick at the same time you went through all this.
Take good care,
Mary Lou

Together We Save said...

I love those origami Christmas trees!! That is amazing.

LaurieStar said...

Hi Joyce - wow - that's a lotta work right there! I love all those tags - especially the ones with the little girl and snowflakes. So pretty. And how long did it take you to fold all those Christmas trees. My daughter oohed and ahhed over that one! Glad to see crafting is "keeping you off the streets!" Ha - you crack me up.
Let's go shopping to the mall together soon, though (I wish!) to buy craft supplies! :)

Mimi Sue said...

You made and got some gorgeous things. Lucky you. Mimi

kana said...


So many pretties you are sharing with us! The cabinets cards are great and making me sad that I didn't swap. Maybe I will be able to do the Valentine one. Also, love all of the cute tags! Merry Christmas.

Elyse said...


hope you are feeling and healing well. just tell people "you should see what the other guy looks like!"

giggles aside, all of your swap treats are so sweet. there is so much creativity all over blogland. it's amazing!

happy december


Tracy Suzanne said...

OMG Joyce. Is there a tutorial for those precious origami trees? I love them and would like to try, and I stress the word try to make them too.

Hugs...Tracy :)


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