Friday, February 20, 2009

I seem to be in a groove

I have been busy working in my scraproom this week. I'm happy there amongst (amongst...really Joyce!) all of the stamps, papers, dies and inkpads everywhere!

First a banner for baby Ava (I really have to work on my picture-taking)

and a small journal for me. I have been wanting to use this dressform stamp for some time and I thought it worked well with the paper I chose (old K&CO) to cover the front of the journal. And, of course, always a paper flower. The pages are unlined so I think I will use this book to keep track of my many markers, inks, punches, dies and art pencils I have so I don't buy the same thing twice...not that I ever do that, do you? It is not uncommon for me to be shopping with my friend Mimi, and exclaim over some wonderful thing I see, and she says to me "You have that!" (That's why most of my friends are younger than me, I need all the help I can get!)

Two weeks ago, before the Valentine madness, my work table looked like this......but now, you can hardly see the top of it. (No picture supplied!)

I thought you'd like to see a recent picture of our Grandson, Charlie. He is 15 months old now and learning so many new skills. Both we and his parents have web cams so we're able to see him often...on line. It's cool to be able to do this but not the same as "in person" with big hugs, high fives and wet kisses! We hope to go visit him soon!

I'm off to babysit with a 3-month old sweet girl today. Such fun!

Have a fun Friday!


marie said...

Charlie is such a handsome little man ~ I think he and Charlotte would make a cute couple! Talk about blue eyes overload!

I love your little journal - you're right the stamp is perfect with those paper choices.

Your scraproom is so tidy. I can't even walk thorugh my workroom right now - but better days are coming! : )

have a super special weekend!

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Oh have fun! I love the Ava banner...and such a sweet name!

Linda said...

oh my, could his eyes be any bigger or any bluer? he is gorgeous! and I love the Ava banner!

mimi said...

Oh wow Charlie is amazing!!! He is perfect with those blue eyes and those rosey cheeks. Ava's banner turned out so cute!!! The pages from the Pooh book adds the perfect touch. And your journal---lovely. I just love that dress form stamp. It will be the perfect reminder of all your supplies. Of course it will not be as fun to shop with you then (hehehehe)
your shopping buddy

Kelly Lunceford said...

Fabulous projects! I am in love with the name banner! I have been itching to make one myself! Thanks for the inspiration! Your little grandson is a cutie! What fun!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely do that all the time...buying the same thing twice! I love the banner for little Ava! What did you use for the flower shape? Your notebook is adorable and I love that image! Too cute and perfect for one that loves dress form stamps!! Little Charlie is a real doll!

Anonymous said...

I like the pretty banner and Charlie is too cute (I mean handsome)!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I love how you used the dressform stamp. The journal turned out beautiful.
And as for your little Charlie...oh my goodness...look at those kissable cheeks and huge beautiful blue eyes.
What would the world be without grandchildren? So glad I'll never know. : )

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful projects! I loved what you said about buying the same thing twice. I do the same thing, I can never remember if I have it or one of my sisters.

Your grandson is just the cutest little guy!!! Those eyes and rosy cheeks, what a darling!

LaurieStar said...

Wow - Charlie is getting so big, so fast. What adorable eyes he has. And I love the journal you made! Wow - that is gorgeous. I have that same paper too. It's classic! I really like your new stuff - and I love being in my studio too - messy or not. I feel so at home there surrounded by all my "junk!"

deb said...

That Charlie is a doll!! I love your banner for AVA. Nice take on the flower shapes. I think I'm going to make one for the babies 1st birthday party. Which is - Yikes! - less than 2 months away. It flies by.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I popped over from Laurie Star. I love you sweet banner for Ava and your scrapbook too. What wonderful projects you have! Hope to visit again soon.

Stay Cozy, Carrie


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