Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

To my family and friends, locally and in blogland.....

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. It ranks right up there with Christmas and Thanksgiving in terms of decorations and food. I love making and sending Valentine cards to family and friends, decorating the house and the table with Valentine reminders and having dinner at home. The tradition in our family, and I'm not sure when this started, is to have "red" food for Valentine's Day. For David and me, this will mean dinner at home tonight, consisting of whole wheat raviolis in a tomato and mushroom sauce, Spring greens salad with dried cranberries and toasted pecans and garlic bread. (It's Ok-we'll both be eating it!) For dessert, chocolate mousse cheesecake.
Do you have any special Valentine traditions?
Some of the cards I sent....I have to give some explanation of this card (above) It is for my darling daughter, Michelle, who hates pink. Her favorite color is an orange Valentine for her! (You Are My Sunshine was her favorite song as a small girl)This card was for Michelle's BFF, Coutney. The little image is from Lulu at Home on Flickr. Lulu is the dearest person and her Flickr pictures are the best! Go take a look!

In addition to their Valentine cards, I sent Michelle and Courtney each a "Grow Your Own Man" kit. One got Mr. Right and the other, Mr. Perfect. I always remind my daughter, when you think you've found Mr. Right, make sure his first name isn't ALWAYS!

Did anyone guess who this was for?I have always been a card sender, even before I was a card maker. Even now, I make a fair number of cards but I am also a Hallmark Gold Crown member and help to keep them afloat. I have noticed that since I have been making cards, even my husband has been choosing cards for me (from the store) that look handmade. I told him that he's welcome to play with my supplies and create something if he'd like to.
My cards for David were funny.........(I made this one)
and sweet......This sweet card came from this wonderful artist, Sarah Jane, whose Etsy shop can be found here. She sells prints and cards and is very talented and a joy to work with. If my kiddles were still small, I know her artwork would be on their walls.
I hope your Valentine's Day is a happy day. If you don't have a special someone to spend the day with, then buy yourself some flowers and chocolate, watch a movie that you love or take yourself out for red food.
Kisses and hugs to you!


Sarah Jane said...

what a wonderful collection! so glad you enjoy the card I sent! Lovely blog! Happy valentines day!!!!

mimi said...

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY my friend. I hope your day is lovely
your cards are amazing. I love the one with all the simple hearts.It's perfect.

Anonymous said...


I love your pretty cards and thanks for sharing the vintage valentine cards! I hope you and your husband have a lovely Valentine's dinner together.

deb said...

Such sweet cards. You have the best vintage images. We don't really have a Valentine tradition.. but this morning I made pink pancakes. :) And I send Valentine's to my parent's, sister and nieces/nephews. All holidays are more fun with the kids now. Hope you had a happy one (oh - that dinner sounds delish!)

Anonymous said...

Your cards look wonderful! I made cards and never sent out a one! I am so bad when it comes to sending out cards!!! Your images are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love all the Valentines you made! They are all so darling, and the card for your husband was quite hilarious. I love the inside...too funny!
By the way I share your love for Sarah Jane's wonderful work. My first etsy purchase was one of her prints. It hangs in Liv's room and has my favorite nursrey rhyme, "There was a little girl who had a little curl..." I even posted a picture of it hanging in Liv's room on flickr. Sarah Jane is a true talent indeed!

Kelly Lunceford said...

What darling Valentine's! I love Valentine's as well and find it a joy to create cards and treats as well! I love all of your vintage style valentine's! Super cute! TFS

XUE said...

I'm not into Valentine nor pink but I do like Michelle's card!

LaurieStar said...

Joyce - I am late in writing. I hope you had a fabulous "red" day. :) We don't have any Valentine traditions, but this year my daughter and I decorated with red and pink construction paper hearts around the kitchen. It was cheery and cute.
I LOVE all the cards you made! Wow - you were very busy. I have always been a card-sender too - and a card-maker - even when I was little! I think I get a certain satisfaction now in making my own out of my huge hoard - at least I am able to share it!

Michele Kovack said...

Love all these cards!!

Lori said...

i am a little late for valentines day...but i wanted to tell you that i love all of your valentines...i admire anyone who makes their own cards to send...that makes the holiday all the more special when someone takes the time to make a one of a kind creation for you!!!


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