Monday, April 21, 2008

Variations on a Theme

I retired in 2006 after working for over 30 years in the dental field. I never had to have my hands in anyone's responsibilities were in the front desk area as a receptionist or office manager. (My hands were in insurance forms and financial arrangements.)
At the time of my retirement, I had worked for 8 years for Dr. Dahar, an orthodontist. I loved my job, the women I worked with and especially the patients and their families. I decided to persue my love of scrapbooking and paper crafts as a mini-profession and I'm not sorry I did. I love working for hours on projects in my craft room and seeing the people I create for smile at the finished projects. I also work one day a week at a local scrapbook store, Your Memory Page, which is, unfortunately, on the market block. I make minimum wage there but I love the store and the people I've met through working there.
All of that being said......I still do some creative work for Dr. Dahar. He is often asked to contribute something to be auctioned off for charitable organizations and so I create gift baskets for donation which contain gift certificates for orthodontic treatment or electric toothbrushes and the like.

At other times, he takes gifts of food or flowers to dental offices that refer patients to his practice as a little thank you. This month, he is taking potted flowers to several of these offices and I was asked to create a tag to go with the plants. This tag is a 4-inch chipboard coaster that I have decorated using paper and Quickutz die cuts....I love the seed packets....mounted on a balsa wood stick to be stuck in the pot.

After finishing the tags for Dr. Dahar I decided to make a variation of the tag to send to Heidi Woodruff for a one-on-one tag swap we are doing. This is the second tag I made...

It was OK, but I know Heidi likes a vintage look so I made another variation which was this one...

No seed packets or ants, but the flowers are there and the little fairy on the scalloped cloud. So there you have 3 variations on a theme. What do you think?

Heidi, if you're reading this post, I am mailing your little package today. There is another tag made just for you that I don't want to show until I know you've received it. I will write more about our swap at that time, too.

Oh, and we've all looked at pictures of craft desks/tables, either neatly organized and looking like they're never used or like mine.... with hardly an inch of exposed surface left to work on.
Thank you for visiting today. I love it when you visit and leave a comment. Have a good day....I'm off to the post office to mail Heidi's package and then back to clean up my room!


SweetBellaBug said...

I just absolutely LOVE the tag with the fairy on it! Sooooo cute! And your signature ants :) super sweet! And your desk? Well, you've seen my area... so no comment!! hehehehe

mimi said...

you are so talented and I am so blessed to have you as a friend and an inspiration. I just love the sweet little fairy floating on the scallop cloud without a care in the world. Heidi is going to love it too!!

Heidi ( said...

Can you see me? I'm smiling! Wow, when you took your adorable tag and went one step further...vintage...just for me? I smiled real big! Perfect, and made just for me! I sent your little package, watch for it soon!

Vicki C said...

Hey joyce... you won two of the Crafty Secrets Image and Journal books I was giving away on my blog... can you send me your addy and I'll get them in the mail to you right away. Congrats!

Pamela said...

Yes, your friend Pam (me!) loves your handmade gifts the best! They are beautiful, unique and make me feel special. Love, Pam /P.S. Charlie is sooooo cute! said...

Thanks for coming by to visit. Congrats on your win too, how nice for us that Vicki pulled our names! cool stuff, huh?

Steve Rodli said...

Hello ~Joyce,
just thought I'd pop over to say hi from another joyce...saw you over at Karla's Cottage. It's amazing the variations you can come up with when using art supplies. Well, I'm off -happy happies to you. Joyce

ஐBeatriz Jenningsஐ said...

beautiful projects! ;)

LaurieStar said...

Joyce -

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It gave me a kick in the butt to do a little blog hopping myself and see your adorable tags! I love the last one with the little girl. So cute!

What's that big black thing on your desk? A trimmer? It's huge! I need a new 12x12 trimmer!


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