Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It was the worst was the best Monday!

This has been an interesting week with my computer. Shortly after my last blog post on Monday, I couldn't get on-line or find any of my folders. Monday evening, my super techno friend Bethanie was walking me through a bunch of steps to correct the problem, on the phone, while she was making fried rice for dinner and keeping an eye on daughter Amelia, my little 10 month old friend. She has determined that Windows has lost my "profile" and that all of my folders and other info is on my hard drive but misplaced. It's hard to have no profile....I miss it and I want it back! Bethanie will come here tonight and help me restore all of my precious files.

That was the down side. The up side is way up!

Heidi Woodred, of Everyday Cookies fame, and I had a tag swap. On Monday, my little goodie parcel came from Heidi with these beautiful tags. You really must read her blog and visit her Etsy store. She writes interesting stories about home life at Sweet Woodruff Acres in Oregon, has great recipes and shares her beautiful art projects. Go take a peek and spend some time visiting.

The other bit of excitement came when I found out that I won some blog candy on Vicki Chrisman's (This Art That Makes Me Happy)blog!!! She is a designer for Heartwarming Vintage/Crafty Secrets products and her blog is filled with inspiration! My prize is 2 Journaling booklets from Crafty Secrets. I can't wait to see which 2 Vicki is sending.

The links to both Vicki's and Heidi's blogs can be found to the left of this post or simply click on their names above. Thank you ladies, for making a frustrating day more bearable.

The other happy thing that happened on Monday was getting new pictures of Charlie. He is 5 months old now and these are the newest shots of our sweet grandson. The picture of Charlie with the beautiful woman, is our daughter, Michelle, who went to Maryland to visit her favorite nephew. None of us can be away from him for too long without needing a Charlie "fix".

So, that was the good news and the bad news for Monday, which I am just posting now. I have so much more to share with you but tomorrow is another day. I'm praying that Bethanie can work her magic and my profile will be restored soon. I just feel weird without a profile, ya know?


Heidi ( said...

Your little Charlie is adorable! He's got the sweetest smile and face! I'm so sorry your computer is being bad, hope your friend can fix it back up for you! Glad the tags made it there safe, I enjoyed making sending them to you!

PS Which link is Vicki's?

mimi said...

Oh my, Charlie gets cuter with each picture! He has the sweetest smile--it makes me smile right back at him.
That darn computer!!!! Does this mean you will be coming to visit me to check your e-mails :) I hope so


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