Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Seeing Red!

I'm seeing RED right now.
No, I'm not a bit angry.
I'm just basking in the glow of some redness that has come my way recently!
Yesterday, we returned home from a trip to find the usual pile of mail.
Both of our birthdays fell while we were away so there were lots of Birthday cards to open, along with the bills and advertisements, catalogs and magazines.
There were also some fat envelopes of various sizes and one big box.
I wouldn't allow myself to open any of the packages until all of the suitcases were unpacked and I started on the laundry.
If you recall, I won the February Giveaway in my swap group,
A Swap For All Seasons
The color this month was RED.
Such cute redness in the package from Linda, our clever and adorable hostess!

 Linda knows I love paper dolls...everything came in this little cloth sack.

 Another friend, who must know that even though I have a nice handkerchief collection, I didn't have one for Valentine's Day. Now I do! More RED! And a cute card and buttons, too!!
 The biggest Birthday surprise in the mail, was the big box from Twyla, of Two Crazy Crafters. (believe me, there is nothing crazy about this girl except, maybe, crazy kindness!) She, and her multi-talented daughter, Lindsey, have a wonderful blog...you should visit if you have never been there. Right now they are featuring vintage Valentine's cards that you can download for your own use.
Twyla wrote to me last week and said she'd like to send me a pair of her adorable, crocheted, house slippers. Such a kind gesture! Of course I said yes...I've wanted a pair for a long time but couldn't decide on a color. Twyla suggested a RED & pink combination which turned out to be the perfect choice!

The box was much bigger than a pair of house slippers...because, this was also inside!!!!

No photograph could ever capture the beautiful colors in this crocheted afghan! Twyla is a wizard with crochet hooks! Even the edging is adorable!
They are the colors I love, RED, pink, minty aqua, grey/blue.
It is just what I needed for these -7 temps we are having in Pittsburgh. I wrapped up in it last night and this morning and it is sooooo warm!
The last REDs I'm going to show you this morning are 2 gifts from my dear friend, Michele, in Virginia.We were able to spend some time with her and her husband in our travels. One of the things we did together was to take a short hop to Leesburg to visit a favorite shop and find a new favorite place. I will write about that in another post. Anyway, Michele gave me a treat bag of gifts for my birthday including the cute tea towels with the RED cherries and the little RED Valentine tin. 

When I opened the tin (sorry, I should have photographed it when I first opened it-LOL!) 

I found it filled with her shortbread cookie hearts!! Michele knows that shortbread (and specifically HER shortbread cookies) are my favorite. I took them to the beach with us and rationed them out every day. Look, I even came home with a few!

So much love! So much creativity! So much RED!
I am very Blessed, indeed!

Now, don't forget to sign up for my (Big) Birthday Giveaway.

You can read about it in the previous post....and you must leave a comment on that post to be entered. I will randomly draw a name on January 31st! Good luck!

Boy, I'd love to be in a warm place right now!



jemkagily said...

That afghan! Swoon swoon swoony swoon swoon! Beautiful colors--lucky you!

Davi said...

Wohoo, you did hit the jackpot, awesome welcome home treats!! Such a beautiful afghan and cute slippers! Hey Joy if you love paper dolls you should check out MFp..

vivian said...

I didnt sign up for any valentine swaps this year. and now is the time Im going to miss getting all those packages! lucky you! the afghan is so wonderful! Im thinking Im eventually going to have to make myself a granny square afghan. one of these days!!
Have a great day!! stay warm.. isnt this weather horrendous this year? lucky you had beach time! Im jealous!
happy day!!

joy said...

You really had some great surprises waiting for you, Joyce! I love those cozy slippers and all of the other fab red things. It's another cold day here in Ohio; hopefully the next few days will warm up to something more bearable!


Wonderful gifts and wins! It's like gifts for your 65th Birthday :)
Keep warm!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What wonderful gifts! Blogger buddies know just what we love and it seems we all love lots of RED! I have some of the slippers that Twyla made me...in lavender! Aren't they warm and soft? Enjoy your goodies and have a wonderful week! Sweet hugs, Diane

Sandy C said...

Welcome back and happy belated birthday!! Xox

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Such wonderful reds, Joyce! Glad I could be a part of it:). Thinking of you. Twyla

Jo said...

I can't believe I have missed so many of your posts. I came back to read them all and saw all these lovely things. That afghan is truly gorgeous. Those are super cute swap items as well. Keep warm, hopefully spring will be coming soon.


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