Monday, June 18, 2012

A Little Treat for the Book Group

I belong to a book group.
Most, but not all of the women are from our church.
We meet on the second Thursday of the month at each other's homes...
rotating every month. We discuss the book we've read for
that month and we have lunch provided by the hostess.
In August David & I host a cook-out for all of the Book Groupettes,
as my friend Anne refers to us, and our spouses.

Last week was the last get-together of our Book Group until September.

We are a fun-loving bunch of women (15 now!) 
I took my camera with me last week to snap some pictures and ended up having so much fun that the camera never came out of my bag. Oh my!
Over the summer, we don't have an assigned book to read, we just read for pleasure and then when we gather in September, we can each suggest a book for the coming year.
I love this group!
We have a good time, sure, but it's so much more than that.
We are like sisters, laughing together, praying for each other and sharing Christ-centered  fellowship.
I decided to make a book marker for each of the ladies. They can use it over the summer and then put the list of books we decide on for next year on the back.

I used all layered digital elements...playing with digital images is a lot of fun!

Our book for June was the one pictured, Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind by Ann B Ross.
It is the first of a series and we all enjoyed it very much.
I already ordered the next few in the series from my favorite source
found HERE. is a great place to show for used and sometimes new books.

Getting together once a month gives us a chance to share information
that is useful or fun. This is what I learned last week from Lois.
When you buy fresh berries (I had cherries), rinse them off and then
fill a large bowl with cold water and a small amount of vinegar.
(I used 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar)
Pour the fruit into the bowl and let it soak for a while.
Drain the fruit in a colander but don't rinse.
Line another bowl with a paper towel and dump the drained fruit
in the bowl. Refrigerate.

Doing this will keep the fruit about 3 times fresher than
just washing the fruit. Try it. The fruit does not have any taste
of vinegar, either.
Now I have a question for you. Do you take your own picture for your blog profile and Facebook?
My daughter-in-law is an expert at that
 hold-the-camera-away-from-you-and-take-your-own-picture thing.
I spent waaaay more time than I should have working on that today. I finally got so tired of looking at my own double chin and crow's feet that I gave up.
Maybe that's the trick...that 20+ year difference in our ages!!

Now if you really want to see some cute 'bout these 2?

Charlie is 4 1/2 and Miles is 19 months.
We miss them lots!


woodandfabric said...

Oh! How I love your bookmarks. Such a great idea for your "sisters". This is so you! I didn't know the tip for berries, I'll have to try this. By the way your cherries look so good... I love cherries. And your photos taken by yourself are very good! You're beautiful Joyce!
Have a great week!

marie said...

I think a book club sounds like lots of fun...both of my daughters are in one and they love it. Your bookmarks are so are the queen of paper crafts!

Your photos are wonderful...I think you took some great shots. Love the black and white and blue color theme. The frame brings out your eyes! : )

Those boys are adorable...what happy faces. I hope you get to see them soon.

Thanks for the berry tip too!

Mimi Sue said...

They certainly are cute! Love those bookmarks. Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm always looking for something good to read. Mimi

Jo said...

OMG, those boys are precious and too cute for words! I can't believe Miles is 19 months already.

Thanks for the tip about the berries. Will have to remember that.

Also, I think you did a good job with the "facebook photo". I did take my profile pic myself. It was a very lucky shot though. My favorite thing to do is try to take one with other people and see how it comes out. You should try that with your husband. It may be quite amusing. :-)

Sandy Michelle said...

I wish I was in a book club! Your book marks are fabulous! If you ever come down to T.O again, we must get-together! :)

Sandy xox

Suz said...

Joyce, I thought I wrote on here but I guess not . You are looking sooo good! your book club looks like a lot of fun. I am in two and love them both. One is a mother/daughter one and I really cherish that one.
Love those bookmarks, too. They are lucky to have you!

Creative Breathing said...

Dear Joyce, I'm here to ask once again to share your beautiful art with me in a one to one Friendship Garland swap. Your little house block you made for me so long ago, and seen in so many of my photographs, is my absolute favorite. I am hopeful to hang a garland across my new craft room window of the women and their blogs who have inspired my own creativity. I wouldn't have found paper at all if it was not for you. A long triangle shape about copier paper size would be of anything at all that speaks to you, your blog name included. I would send a CB one to you. No time limit, I haven't even any paper yet. Please let me know! I would love for you to play! Elizabeth

Sandy said...

Hey There My friend,
I also would like to trade a banner with banners would not be complete without one from my Pittsburgh friend!!!!! Let me know, and there is no time limit....I miss you! Any chance this winter I get to see your smiling face again????? Love, Sandy

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi cute Joyce,
Those profile pics you took are adorable! Way to go. And those bookmarks turned out fantastic. Really, just beautiful!
I can hardly believe how big Miles is already. Two little precious.
Still struggling with the MdDS but always looking for answers. I won't give up till I get it resolved. : )
Take care, friend.

lynn said...

adorable little guys, joyce:) and your pictures are awesome! love the bookmarks, and that cute pillow below!


HELLO Friend!!
Thank you for stopping by my craft room and leaving a sweet comment!
That is so great that you have a group of gals that you meet with and enjoy each other and books! Very nice bookmarks you made for them! Yes, I do take my own photos and looking up makes me look thinner! LOL!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Joyce, I have to tell you I have bought cherries every week since reading this post! Your banner for me can be anything really. Mine measured 71/2 across the top and 91/2 to point. I have just the spot already picked out for your special work. You are the reason I craft in paper! Have a lovely week! E

NanE said...

HI Joyce! Well, you know i love your book club creations, so pretty! And I love your new close up shots, your smile is contagious! And I want to know what you said to those grandbabies, I can almost hear their giggles! Have a wonderful weekend, Nan

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Joyce,
Just stopping by to say hi! Love the pretty bookmarks you made, and the vintage photograph used. My gosh, Charlie and Miles have gotten so big, since I last saw a photo of them. Hope you are enjoying your summer! :)


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