Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II

Well, I've stepped right off the edge this time! Last year, Karen Valentine of My Dessert Cottage, hosted a Where  Bloggers Create party. You could sign up to "attend" the party, Karen posted links to all of the bloggers who participated and there was a dizzying array of wonderful craft spaces that you could visit. It took me days to work my way through all of them. I found so much inspiration and I pretty much thought it was a one-time event. I was wrong. Karen is again hosting Where Bloggers Create II this year and this time there are wonderful prizes being awarded by Jo Packham of Where Women Create magazine! I have signed up to participate. This means I will need to organize and re-organize my craft room...clean out and weed through tons of things...spruce up my displays and make everything look beautiful and then take gobs of photos to display on my blog on June 19, 2010. Can I "get it done"? Remember my word for this year...
I'm going to try my best! In the meantime...stroll over to Karen's blog and read all about the party. Maybe you'd like to participate, too!


mimi said...

Oh my gosh I signed up for this today too!!! I can't wait to see everyone's space and I also thought what a great way to force me to clean up mine (heheheh) We are going to have to get my mom over to make that table skirt soon. You will need that for the pictures :)

Sandy said...

Hey sweetie! I just can't wait for Karen's party....she made my genealogy blog...and she is going to give me PSE6 lessons! She is an absolute wonderful gal! I also got my email about the new swap from Linda....and my partner lives where I grew up in cool is that?????? We need to have a "talk"....:)

vivian said...

Hi Joyce, thanks for sharing.. gonna run over and check this out! hugs and happy week!

marie said...

I'm excited about Where Bloggers Create II myself! I haven't committed to participating yet...but that's my hope.

My problem?? My word for the year is REST!
: )


How FUN...I wish I had a craft room to get ready...hubby keeps saying "maybe this year" and it's been 5 years...I guess I'll just see what great ideas there are.
Deb :)

Lori said...

good luck getting ready for the party's always helpful to have something to look forward to, to get you motivated...that always helps me anyway...thank you SO much for stopping over to visit with me:)

Creative Breathing said...

Joyce, do you think I should enter my small space and my beautiful cabinet? I have already posted about it, would I be allowed to post again? I can't wait to see your crafting space and see where it is you create your beautiful work. I missed last years, but I won't miss touring this years! Thanks for letting us know. Elizabeth

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

The perfect motivation!!! I participated last year. I can hardly wait to see the full tour of your Space.
I hope you're doing well, Joyce. I finally posted again. LIFE!!!
Take care,
Mary Lou

My Crafty Little Page said...

Ohhhh Joyce - you've thrown down quite a challenge!!! LOL I just might do this, too. It would be incentive to get organized. I worked all day on organizing and still have "miles to go". One way or the other I'm looking forward to seeing your craft space. I was looking through all the neat cards you sent as I put each one in my "best cards" box - the little bluebird tally cards are just so adorable. xoxo Nancy


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