Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage Vacation Swap

Just wanted to give you a heads up on this know if Jenny's organizing it, it's going to be fun!
The details can be found here, and if you've never visited Jenny's blog...take some time there.
 Her art is amazing!
Yikes! I just realized that I have 99 followers! This calls for a celebration! When I hit 100, you're all invited over for a party....OK, that might be how about a giveaway? We all like giveaway. I better gather some really cool stuff.


marie said...

Hi Joyce,
It looks like my DIL Jo is your 99th follower. She's loves to make cards ~ I know she'll get some wonderful ideas from you!!
I'm at 99 followers too! How funny is that!!

Thanks for the swap tip ~ I think I'll go check it out. I need one more thing to do! : )

Unknown said...

Joyce, This is just the swap for you! I can't wait to see the results. I just love that Jenny is from New Jersey and adores her beach. 100 followers!!! Oh there will be a celebration my friend! You are so very adored by so many more than 100!!! You are a gem! Elizabeth

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Congrats on the followers!!! I'm such a dork...because you are always on my side links, I never officially became a follower. But now you will find my silhouette at the end of your list. : ) Sorry about that!
Mary Lou

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Someone became your 100th...Why, it's ML!!!!! Let the party begin!

Congratulations Joyce! Well deserved!!

woodandfabric said...

woohoo! You have 100 followers now!! Get ready for a Party, Joyce!!! LOL
Jenny's Blog is amazing I have never been there before! Sadly, I don't have time for a swap these days but maybe another time!
Have a wonderful week-end!

marie said...

Oh boy! Looks like it's party time!!

Bethany said...

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for visiting my blog & for the sweet comment. I will be back to visit yours too.
Bethany ♥

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Congratulations on your 100! I love giveaways! Thank you for your generosity! Have a nice weekend. Twyla

Elyse said...

thank you for the heads up. i'm still feeling so behind on so many things. i'll just watch this one.

posts have a way of sneaking up on us, don't they? i am not even sure what number i'm on at this point.


Mimi Sue said...

Yippee! 100 followers is a lot. I'll go see if I'm one. Mimi

Linda Ruthie said...

Congratulations on passing the 100 followers mark. I have been enjoying you blog posts and I would like to send along the 'Trendy Blog Award' to you. It's just a way to share some of your favorite blogs and perhaps find some new ones. Check out my blog post to see what it's all about.


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