Monday, November 23, 2009

In the mail

I love padded envelopes! I love opening my mailbox and seeing that manilla color in between the bills (ugh!) and the countless catalogs coming my way these days. This past week brought 4 padded envelopes my way.

In the first envelope was a treasure trove of paper crafting supplies from my sweet friend Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. Leftover bits and bob, papers, ribbons and the cutest photographs of vintage Christma cards! I will have fun playing with all that she sent. Thanks Elizabeth! Where did you find that tiny pink ball fringe!!!! It's the cutest!

In the second package was an embellished cabinet card from dear Linda Smith of A Swap for All Seasons. I am in a cabinet card swap that Linda is hosting and I won a drawing on the blog. Linda does a lovely job hosting and crafting and this card is more beautiful than my camera could capture. Thank you Linda-you are always an inspiration!
The third and fourth envelopes held items I had purchased from Etsy. Do you shop at Etsy? I love the unending selection of handcrafted and vintage items and I always look there first when I'm searching for something special! I try to buy handmade whenever possible.
The first items are paper strips with beautiful printed words on them. One set says "Thankful for...." and the second set has the words to "O Holy Night". You link the strips together to make a long chain. The Thanksving set is going with us to Thanksgiving dinner so everyone can write what they're thankful for. Then the chains can be brought out again next year to review. They are from Ormolu.

The last padded envelope just arrived yesterday and contained some cards by the talented artist Amber Alexander. She sells prints and cards of her wonderful and whimsical animal themed art. Last year I bought David a print of a squirrel in an apron (in honor of our resident visitor Edith Ann). When I saw these cards, I knew I had to get some. Edith....skating!!!!!! Who knew!

Don't you think it was a good mail week? Can't wait to see what next week brings!
NOTE: Sharon-thank you for helping me with my blog header. How does it look to you? It looks great to me! Big hugs to you!!!!!


marie said...

Oh My Goodness!
"Thou shall not covet...." But I am. That squirrel is so cute!! I think I'm need to visit Amber.

The cabinet card is beautiful. Linda is great isn't she. I need to get busy and finish my cabinet card so i can get it swapped. time is slipping by much too quickly.

Your header looks fantabulous!

Karens Hopes said...

Yes I was just admiring your header,its very festive. You certainly did get some nice suprises in your parcels.

My name is PJ. said...

The first thing I noticed was your blog header! Yay, Sharon!

It was, indeed, a banner week for mail at your house! There are so many creative people out in Bloglandia!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

The new Header is adorable, Joyce.
I love it when people share the fun things they receive in the mail. Lots of treasures here!!! That squirrel is adorable.
And I loved seeing some of the things you made for your craft shows. The candles are are the journals you decorated. Aren't banners so fun to make? I'm working on some too.
Happy Thanksgiving, Joyce.

Creative Breathing said...

Ooogly Googly Joyce! Your banner says CHRISTMAS loud and clear! Love it! Oh My Goodness have I been sighing for the last ten minutes strolling through the wares of your creativeness. You are just an amazing, amazing artist! In answer to your "Liz" question.... he is the ONLY person in this whole wide world who calls me Liz (because his first wife's name was Liz!) Anyone who knows me through him calls me Liz, anyone who knows me, calls me Elizabeth. My family never calls me anything other. (Wouldn't that be a great puzzle question!!!) Happiest of Thanksgiving to you, Joyce! Elizabeth

deb said...

I loove your new banner! I just love that little snowman.

And I too love padded envelopes and yours were filled with lovely goodies.

Thanks for your order Miss Joyce. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hubby. Hope you enjoy yourselves and eat lots of turkey! (and if not at least have lots of pie). :)

Celestial Charms said...

I love squirrels, and that one is such a cutie! Sweet things that arrived in your mailbox.

Vicki C said...

You blog is so festive! Loved taking it all in!


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