Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is how I feel this evening!

from Flickr-Dalla*
The Yard Sale was a success!
 Mimi wrote a great ad and it attracted over 100 people.
We all had a great time and met some lovely people.
We drank lots of coffee and ate donuts!
We bought from each other (you're surprised by this!)
I took no pictures!!
I am totally exhausted...standing for 5 hours on concrete is hard when you're 60!
Wish you all could have been here!
Thanks Michele, Michele, Mimi, Joni and Bethanie.
Good night dear friends!
PS-This is blog post #97....I will have a giveaway for #100, hopefully before this month is done!


marie said...

Poor Joyce ~ so sorry you're worn out but I'm glad you had a successful sale!
Donuts! Had I known that I might have made the drive! 5 hour drive vs. donuts? Hmmmm!

Get some rest friend!

mimi said...

That is exactly how I felt too :) But we had soooo much fun. So when did you say we were going to do it again (heheheh)

kana said...

Glad you had a good sale. Hope you will feel rested soon! I like your new profile photo...your look happy!!

Wyldhare said...

That picture is *adorable* I hope you are a bit more rested now.

Wow, blog #97! That is fantastic! Congradulations on coming up on 100!

LaurieStar said...

Wow - 100 people - that's crazy! Crazy, but good! :)


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