Monday, May 4, 2009

A Tribute to Creative Breathing

A tribute to.......

It all started with this postcard........

I posted a photo of this vintage Valentine postcard on Flickr. Elizabeth, whose blog,

Creative Breathing, I had been reading faithfully, saw the postcard and was inspired by it. She created this paper pieced masterpiece. I saw the photo she posted on Flickr and the title "Scrap for Joy" and was puzzled. "That's my name...wonder what this means?", I thought. The mystery was quickly solved when Elizabeth contacted me and asked for my address so that she could send me the piece she had made. I was overwhelmed that someone who didn't know me would be inspired by something I had shown and make an art piece and then send it to me....just like that! Of course I had no idea how completely overwhelmed I would be when it arrived! The attention to detail cannot be seen in a mere photograph. The flowered skirt on the little gardener is not printed paper my friends, but hand-cut flower layers and leaves!

My first thought was that I wanted to send Elizabeth something in return, but what? What could I make that would begin to show my appreciation? Well, this all took place in October of last year, at a time when I was busily preparing for a craft fair and was up to my neck in custom orders as well. So, I sent nothing. I have felt bad about that for a long time. Other prople have inspired Elizabeth since then. She has made gorgeous gifts of love for many others and they have sent her their art in return. Here I was, with only this.... a lonely little bluebird, and a bunch of good intentions!

A month ago I decided that I had pushed this project aside long enough. Not only had Elizabeth sent the beautiful garden girl months before, I also won a contest on her Flickr site with something I wrote. The prize was this awesome pincushion that she created.I would have to let go of my intimidation and embarrassment and create something I love to artboard. I knew Elizabeth's favorite colors, and her signature "logo" is a bluebird. It had to include all of the elements that would be pleasing to her eye.......hearts and dots....

and a flower..... and cute buttons....Even the back of the board had to be kind of cute....Behold the finished project...Gosh, I hope she likes it. It should arrive at her door today or tomorrow.

Last week I took a class at Stamp Fanci with my favorite instructor and good friend, Carolyn Dewey. One of the projects we made was a little pocket booklet to hold gift cards or favorite quotes. This was made using one sheet of 12x12-inch scrapbook paper (with a pattern on both sides) The morning after the class, I took a piece of "Elizabeth style" paper and fashioned this little booklet and filled it with happy stamped messages. There are all sorts of other surprises in the package but I won't spill the beans.

Elizabeth, I hope you realize how much your work, your words and your kind generosity have touched so many hearts. You are an inspiration to all who have become familiar with your art. Thank you for the kindness you have shown to me. I will treasure the gifts you have sent and keep you in my prayers daily.

XOXO....with a cherry on top!

PS-my new blog header is from here... with modifications by Bethanie. (Where would I be without her!)


Celestial Charms said...

What a lovely post. What you created for Elizabeth is lovely. Oh, and I love your new blog header.

marie said...

Hi Joyce,
What a wonderful artboard you created ~ Elizabeth will love it! I love the sweet little bird and the sheet music on the back of it!

I went to visit Elizabeth's blog today and I barely got my lunch done! I was so busy enjoying it that I forgot to eat. She will definitely be added to my list of favorites! Her Flickr is such a happy place!

Your little pocket booklet is so sweet and I really like the new header! Love the cherries!!

I really love that there are people I "know" that will enjoy my old magazines, supplies etc. I love to give that stuff away ~ it's one of the million best things about blogging! You go ahead and borrow the magazine idea ~ I'll be watching for any I don't already have! : )

Maybe next Monday I'll remember something else you remember too! Too funny!

Unknown said...

Joyce, What can I say! Tomorrow is my annniversary, my husband far away. Your gift could not have come at a more perfect time! I have so enjoyed your beautiful work for such a long time. I am thrilled to pieces with my art board in my "office". My swap box was so much fun to open. I will be on a happy high until Mother's Day when my husband will return. Eeek, I have to go and look again..... Elizabeth

Pieceful Bits said...


I have posted this on E's blog too.
This is the very reason I love blogland and flickr. So much kindness and support amongst us.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful Joyce!!! What a perfect creation for Elizabeth. What a gorgeous piece of art, your work is so beautiful! I really enjoyed your story that went along with it, I could relate on many levels. The pocket book and all the other treasures are so cute, such a heartfelt, beautiful gift!
ps~I LOVE the new look of your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed your new banner right away! I love the geraniums!!! Your package for Elizabeth was awesome! Love the art board and the little folder of stamped sentiments is wonderful! Love the sentiment you showed!!!

kana said...

I like your Creative Breathing collage. I also like your new banner. I am leaving for Inspired on Wed and hope to post photos soon. Hope I remember my camera!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Okay, I am speechless! You have SO outdone yourself with all of this. Both of you girls have the gift of "attention to detail"!!!
I, too, have been faithfully reading Elizabeth's blog for a long time. What a delight.

Linda said...

Joyce, what a wonderful story! And such an AWESOME gift! She is going to love it! Thanks for sharing!


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