Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Sweet Thursday Friend

Amelia was born in June, 2007. Her Mommy and I became friends while working in the scrapbook store together. When it was time for Bethanie to return to her "real job", she had childcare all arranged except for Thursdays. I offered to be the Thursday person and that worked out good with everyone's schedule. It had been a long, long time since I had babies around and at first it was a real learning experience. So many new conveniences to learn about! I had never even had a pack & play with my kids. (I should note here that Bethanie is the same age as my children, in fact we discovered quite by accident, that she had graduated high school with my youngest son!) At first, Amelia slept alot as new babies do so I didn't have to do much except feed and change her and give lots of kisses. As she got older and her skills increased, we were able to do many more things. We took walks, read lots of books, sang songs and explored our house. I looked forward to and cherished my time with my Thursday friend!
I rarely had Amelia for the entire day on Thursday because her Nana lived close by and would pick her up after her (Amelia's) afternoon nap. But from 7:30-2 we had a fun time and developed a certain pattern of activities and a loving relationship. I have learned that you surely don't have to have a bloodline connection to someone to love them like your own family. This is true with Amelia and Bethanie, too!
Amelia loved to "help out" in my studio or play with my bears and dolls.

She loved to read and had a favorite book, a pop-up book, titled The Zoo. We read it every day, at least twice, before her morning nap.David & I encouraged Amelia to broaden her skills. She loved to dust with the Swiffer...and she also helped "D" (her name for David) haul the trash out to the curb....child labor laws, did someone say anything about child labor laws???? (You know this was just a joke for the photos-right?)

And of course there was Edith, the squirrel, who came every day for peanuts at the back deck door.Earlier this Spring, Bethanie and her husband decided that Amelia needed to be around other children during the day. Two weeks ago, Amelia started going to a daycare center near their home. The change would mean much less travelling for Bethanie and an opportunity for Amelia to be with other small people. Of course we supported this decision 100% but when we knew that our days were numbered, David & I were both sad. I'm writing this blog post to share with Bethanie and you, my friends, some pictures I took over the 19 months that Amelia came on Thursdays.

We miss that sweet, sleepy little face early in the morning. We miss our dishwasher door filled with alphabet or animal magnets. We miss singing and dancing and getting the Cheerios from the pantry for a snack. We miss reading about Grandpa and the pizza and playing with the farm animals. We hope you come and visit us often, because we don't want you to forget Auntie Joyce and Uncle D.

We love you Amelia, Thursday friend. Don't grow up too fast! XOXO


marie said...

What a wonderful post! I'm sure Bethanie will be so blessed when she reads how very special your little Thursday friend is to you and D.
It's such a mixed blessing to watch these little ones grow older.
I hope you and Amelia have plenty more opportunities to sing and dance and read and play and visit in the future!

Trish said...

What a lovely post and the photos are wonderful! And Amelia is darling!!! She is growing up too fast.

Bev said...

Wow how she has grown since I saw her last! I know you will have a bit of emptiness on Thursdays for a long time, knowing how much fun you had with her. Such a cutie pie.

SweetBellaBug said...

ok - now I'm crying! I can't even being to express how happy and lucky we both are to have "Aunt Joyce and Uncle 'D'" in our lives! You truly were sent from God at a time when we needed you most. I'm so very thankful for your friendship and love - and you are ever so right when you say that you don't have to have a bloodline connection to love them like family. That's what you are to us - family! Once I finally get used to our "new" routine, I know there will be Thursdays that we come to visit. As much as I hate the drive and the extra time away from Dan, I really do miss our early morning "show-n-tell". Thank you for understanding that we needed to do what we know will be the best for Amelia - she does love playing with other "little people", but I do know that she misses you both. With the nicer weather coming - and the better Esatate sales in the North - I know we will be seeing more of you!
.....reading this had made me realize more than ever how much I love you both, and appreciate all that you have done, more than I can ever express in words. We are so very lucky to have you in our lives.
I love you!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh I enjoyed reading this post and especially loved the photos. What a wonderful service you gave to your friend and her precious daughter. I'm sure they will be forever grateful. You'll have to be sure and fill up your Thursdays for the first little bit to help with the separation blues. : )
Have a good weekend.

LaurieStar said...

Awww... this post made me cry a bit. What nice things you said - she looks like a sweetie. It's easy to get so attached, - isn't it? I wish I had someone nice around like you to help me with my kids when they were really little. You sound like a wonderful friend. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully sweet post! I so enjoyed seeing all the darling pictures of little Amelia. It sounds like she was as much of a blessing to you as you were to her and her family. Such a wonderful gift you gave to her mommy by providing a loving and caring place for her little one to visit.


kana said...


Such a lovely young lady and I know that she has been blessed by you and your husband!!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! I'm sure you and *D* will miss her! She is such a cutie!!!

cherry said...

What a sweetheart.....sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Great memories. cherry

mimi said...

Our Sweet Amelia!! She really is getting so big. Everytime I see her I know she is a true miracle from God. I know you must miss her so much--how could you not. I know how easy it is to get attached so quickly but I also know that you will be someone special to her and one that she will love forever.

Linda said...

such a wonderful post- i needed a kleenex by the end! what a beautiful little girl and such a great reminder to seize opportunities to help whenever we can... thanks for sharing this grace-filled story, Joyce!


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