Monday, January 7, 2008

Before I move on to 2008 (why am I always 10 steps behind??) I thought I would post some pictures from the end of 2007.

These pictures are a sampling from a Baby's First Christmas book using a Basic Grey scalloped 6X6-inch album. Boy, are these little albums fun to play with. (You will notice that this is a book for a baby girl. Have I done a First Christmas book for our grandson Charlie? No, not yet.)

I painted the scalloped edges of each page and then cut the paper/cardstock square so that the scallop would look like a ruffled border. I love the pink, green, and red color scheme with a little light blue thrown in. Everyone has asked me about the snowman. He's just 2 circle punches with a little vest made from a template. The nose, smile and arms are drawn with a marker. This same snowman was used on a tag in a class taught by Carolyn Dewey at Stamp Fanci. Very talented woman, Carolyn is! Everybody loves the little snowguy. Most of the other elements are Quickutz. Look at the scalloped photo corner on the cover-it's from a Quickutz Revolution set of 3 graduated sizes. Do you sense I love scallops???

OK-I am nursing a rotten bug right now. All this blogging has been exhausting...think I'll go take a little siesta.

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Bev Breisinger (twofrogs84) said...

Cutie pie for sure!! He's getting so big!! Now all you need to do is change your banner!!(a little behind!) What are those swap blocks above your head - hmmmm?

Hope you feel better.


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