Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trucks!....and cars, too!

If you follow me on Pinterest, (or Pin Interest, as my friend Billy calls it), you know I have been pinning pictures with Christmas trees on roofs of cars or in the backs of pick-up trucks for over a year. I have a Pinterest board titled "Trucks!". I don't know where this fascination came from but I have delighted in looking at those types of pictures. You remember that I wrote about finally finding a vintage toy truck on eBay back in August in this post. I have continued to look for vintage cars and trucks but they are hard to find. I decided to look elsewhere for suitable new cars and trucks. . First I looked through the toy bins at our house and Viola! I found a red VW Beetle.When we were in New Jersey at Thanksgiving, I stumbled on a display in a CVS Pharmacy with wonderful cars...I snapped up a few of them. I really like the way they look in my display...

I love the little cars with the doors and hoods that open. It meant tying on the tree was much easier. Can you see that I trim the back of the tree away, allowing it to lie flat on the roof?

Last week, a box was delivered here.

I was so excited...

Hobby Lobby! They had a 50% Off sale...

This also came in red but I kind of liked the's much bigger than my other vehicles. $12.50.

(It's kind of hard to photograph a black truck without flash)

She can handle the delivery of the bigger trees just fine

Funny parting line of 6 year old Charlie...

Bam (that's me): Charlie, did you see my cars and trucks with the trees on top?
Charlie (kind of sadly): Yeah, we used to be able to play with the red bug car

Do I have a truck and car problem? If I do, it's a fun problem to have.

I'll be back soon with a bunch of Christmas projects I've been working on. Hope the sun is shining where you's warm but dismal here in Pittsburgh.
Tomorrow I'm going to church then out to breakfast and on to the Nutcracker with my friends Nancy and Maggie! I can't wait!



E said...

Hi Joyce seems we hang out in the same circles :) and I do love these pictures !! I bought a red truck from HL a while back, I have a family of rabbits who use it :) I posted a cute little mini on my blog I found at tractor supply. I cant get enough cute trucks hauling trees dont ya love them! Merry Christmas Elaine


They are cute and FUN!!! I have a truck myself with a tree in it!

Mulberry Mindy said...

Hi Joyce, I love all your cars and trucks! Do you collect car & truck stamps? I have a friend, Mark Jetton, here in Texas, that owns a rubber stamp company, Deadbeat Designs. He has the cutest VW Bug rubber stamp, and back view of a pick-up that you can stamp with the tailgate up or down, or 3D. I have so much fun with his stamps. Happy Holidays to you and your family. Hugs from your friend in Texas.

Perfectly Printed said...

I do love this idea of tying a Christmas tree top of a car or laying it in the back of a pick up truck! I looked all summer at sales for cars and trucks to use, but never saw any....I may just have to go to our CVS and pickup a new one!

Sandy McClay said...

I am with you, ever since I saw the truck and the tree in the Farm Girls Christmas book I was hooked! Wayne brought home a cute retro style new red Tractor Supply Truck, it will be perfect with the faded green one I got from another blogger friend a few years ago....I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas! Guess I had better go start wrapping gifts....:):)

Yi-Jiun Lin said...

wow! Merry Christmas! You really have great collections.

Jo said...

I think I like the ones where the doors and hoods open too. It makes it more realistic. Your little trucks and cars are so cute. Great find at Hobby Lobby too.

Sandy C said...

LOVE the trucks of course! Have a fabulous Christmas!!

Sandy xox

Linda said...

I'm sorry to admit this, and you'll probably think less of me...but I totally covet that station wagon.


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