Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at Home...the Dining Room

Christmas was very different for the Gleasons this year.
David was very present at home which was really nice.
For the first time in 3 years, we wrote and sent Christmas cards. 
(for those awaiting a handmade card...I have until January 6th remember)
We Both decorated this year and even did a bit of entertaining. Our sweet neighbors, who always take in our mail when we travel, came for dinner. We wanted them to come on a work night for them (both teachers), so they could enjoy a meal without having to cook. We had lots of fun with them and their 2 little ones. Gleason Family Meatloaf and the Pioneer Woman's Mac & Cheese were served.
The placemats are over 20 years old...they are coated, heavy paper, and are holding up well with careful handling. The mitten flatware holders are from the $1 aisle at Joann's this year.

Before the decorations  come down (after the 6th of course) I thought I would share pictures of our home. Some things are the same but many are different.
In the dining room this year, I decorated with snowmen and snow-related items instead of my usual silver and white.
Last year, after Christmas, I sorted through my Santa Claus and Snowman collections and pared down, giving many to friends,  and I think I'll repeat that again this year. We really are trying to downsize. For now, I enjoyed seeing the snowmen smiling all around us while we ate in the dining room.

On December 13, my tree trimmers came!

We set up the small, pre-lit, table top tree and a basket of felt ornaments. The boys very carefully hung all of the ornaments by their yarn or thin thread loops. They did a great job!

Note: The fat bird ornaments are from Crate & Barrel but all of the other felt ornaments were made by my niece, Wendi, of Enchanted Forest Crafts...her Etsy shoppe is here.
She is super talented and makes all of her felt creations and quilts entirely by hand. She hasn't made the stars and holly ornaments for a while, maybe I could talk her into including them again. She does fashion beautiful birds and woodland creatures, (see the cardinal) all in felt.
Here is the completed tree...

and the design team...

Thanks guys! I have not touched or moved anything.
There are a few more things to show you from the dining room but I'll do that later..
For now, have an enjoyable Friday!
We are going to the movies to see Saving Mr. Banks.

Till next time...



Perfectly Printed said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas!!!

Sandy C said...

Lovely. I hope the movie was good.

Pearl Maple said...

Happy holidays, love that you are celebrating the full 12 days

Jo said...

The boys did a wonderful job with the tree. I always though Christmas was the last day to send a Christmas card. Good to know I have a little more time next year. Maybe we'll actually send some out.

marie said...

I love your snowman collection Joyce...the little grouping with the 'snowball' is my favorite!
Wendi's ornaments are adorable...I hope she does make more of the stars and holly ornaments. They are SO CUTE!!

The boys did a great job with the tree...and you did a great job not re-arranging anything. :)


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