Thursday, September 30, 2010

Treats from The Cottage and other randomness...

I promised you pictures of the treasures I picked up at The Cottage in Leesburg, VA earlier this month. I could easily spend my entire year's salary (remember, I work three days a month) in their shop but I exercised great restraint. They are known for beautiful pillows and this one had to come home with me..
The colors are so soft and dreamy. I also chose this pottery planter. I love cream colored pottery and I think this will be most versatile in decorating...filled with acorns or small Christmas ornaments or Easter eggs or just a 2 pound bag of M&M's!

This lovely leaf is made of felt. It looks laser cut to me.

Finally, this felt tree stuffed and sewn anddecorated with some chenille trim and a tin star....

attached to a glass candle holder that has been spray painted a matte black.

The tree looks very cute on our mantel (which I will show at a later date) with my new witch made by Larkspur Lane. I found her at Marshall's for a ridiculous price. Her face is so cute and she's clutching a very funny cat under her arm. I like funny, not scary Halloween decorations.

Lots of folks have been writing to ask me how I've been feeling. My Polymyalgia Rheumatica seems to be under control and not causing problems but my body has been at war with some other nasty conditions. I'm fighting with everything I have and I won't go into details because after come here to see cute, funny things from me. Just know that I'm in God's hands and I'm OK. I've not been posting  much or visiting as much as I'd like but I'm still here and fighting to stay well. All will be good...I believe that. It just comes slower when you're past 60. Thanks for not giving up on me.
I have lots to share with you and I hope to be blogging more regularly soon!
I've had lots of time to read and this book has been paged through dozens of time already. Some people are just so clever and can see the artful possibilities in common everyday books!

If you get a chance to thumb through this book at your local bookstore or Joann's (where I found my copy),
you will be amazed at what you can do with paper!


NanE said...

Hi Joyce, What great finds! Love everything especially that little witch, what a cutie. Glad your PR is under control but I will keep you in my prayers for continued healing, Blessings, Nan

Nan said...

Oh I love all your finds here. I'm with you on the scary Halloween images I like the whimsical myself. Have you tried going off of grains for your PR? Take Care Nan

woodandfabric said...

I'm so happy to read you again! Your finds are incredible and what to say about the book! Looks gorgeous to me!
Take good care,
Michelle *Ü*

Suz said...

It is good to see you posting but I am sorry to hear about whatever you continue to struggle with. I will keep you in my prayers. I love what you got...especially that pillow! It looks like barkcloth but it is hard to tell on a computer screen. Indeed it is very dreamy and soft looking! I also like what you got at Home Goods. I got a terrific piece there last year for my Sweet and Sinister swap partner. Well under $10. Great store, isn't it?

I check on you all the time and I will just keep adding notes! You don't have to always write about what is happy...I really would like to know how you are. Really!!!

Sending love and caring,

mimi said...

Hello my Friend
Your things from the Cottage are lovely--I am so lucky to have seen them in person and how each piece fits so perfectly into your home :) You and David are in my continued prayers--if you need more chicken soup just give me a call :)

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Joyce, Oh how I love those bell peppers to! So glad you are using the recipes! You found some wonderful finds! Sorry to hear you are not up to par. Our poor bodies sometimes go through so much. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


Elyse said...

hi joyce,

how fun that you shopped at the cottage. i've read about it at other blogs and it looks wonderful. the pillow is especially lovely!

so sorry you are not feeling 100% but happy to see that you are busy reading and gathering inspiration.

sending warm, happy & healing thoughts your way, sweetie


GardenofDaisies said...

The pillow almost looks like barkcloth. LOve that! And the book of paper projects looks fascinating. I'll have to look for that one.

Linda said...

Hi Joyce~ you found some wonderful finds and the book looks great, too! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! I have enjoyed my visit to yours as well and am looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower! Hope you will be feeling better soon!

marie said...

Love your new treasures...the pillow fabric is beautiful and I'm so glad that you bought that bowl....'cause I would have bought it if I saw it there. Saved me some money!!
I have a tree like the one you bought...I'm planning on trying to make a couple of them this year. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks for sharing that book ~ it looks like it's full of marvelous things. Love the flower!

You've been in my prayers ~ keep fighting. Seems like there's something new to deal with regularly in our aging bodies! I hope you're finding time to get ready for your craft shows BUT I also hope you're getting plenty of rest.

Take care my friend! Hugs!!!!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Joyce,

I'm so sorry you're still not feelin' top o' the world, but I'm glad to hear things will get better. I have looked throught that book about books, and it's pretty cool. Hang in there missy, take care of yourself, and we'll all be here waiting for you to feel up to bloggin' away again. If you get a chance to stop by, you can see my latest Halloweenie.


Mimi Sue said...

Looks like a great book. Love to use my coupons for fun things like that at Joanns. Glad to hear you're in God's hands. It's a great place to be...Mimi

Celestial Charms said...

Hi Joyce,
Sorry your still having to deal with these health issues. My prayers are with you. What a beautiful Larkspur Lane witch and kitty you happened upon. So very lovely.

Cheryl said...

What great treasures you found! I love that witch, and the book would have me ripping up all my books making things!

Mitzi Curi said...

I think everyone is appreciating old books right now, and I am very interested in that book about books....I haven't seen that before, so I'll be trotting over to Jo-Ann's with my 40% off coupon tomorrow!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I'm glad to hear your condition is somewhat control but I am sad to hear that more issues are surfacing! I will keep you in my prayers!

That paper book looks awesome and I love that Halloween doll!!

Sandy xox


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