Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank you Mary!

(A note about my blog header and background....I went out in search of a nice Fall-ish background today but this one followed me home. It is so cute I just can't replace it for a little while.  I'll do Fall-ish another day. Love the fat birds AquaPoppy!)
I have often written about the circle of friends I have embraced through blogging...women I have come to care a great deal for but most of whom I have never met.
Mary is one of those friends. Several years ago we were in the same swap group and traded Spring themed handmade items. Since that swap, Mary has written to me from time to time. She is a kind-hearted woman and always sends caring messages. I have never met Mary or have even seen a picture of her. I have encouraged her to blog and she does finally have a blog address but will take her time figuring out how it all works. We've all been there.
When I wrote about my recent health situation, Mary once again contacted me and sent words of encouragement. She also asked for my home address because she had something to send to me. In writing back and forth, we also decided to do a one-on-one swap. When our swap is completed I will, of course, share the photos with you because that's what bloggers do, right? For now, I want you to see what Mary made and sent to me.

A stationary kit including personalized note cards, little post-it note holder, postage stamp envelope, 2 binder clips trimmed with ribbon and a pen. Now, what is really cool is that Mary made the box that everything came in! It is a beautiful gift and a lovely presentation. Oh yes, she also included a family of muslin bears for crafting...I have to think of something clever to do with those.
I was so touched to receive this gift of friendship and her beautiful note.
Thank you Mary.
 Keep working on your blog and when you're ready I will share your address with my other blogging friends....the friends I've never met. You'll like them, too.
I wrote about meeting up with 2 blogging friends for the first time when my sister and I were in Mesa, Arizona in February. What a thrill it was to meet sweet Sandy of 521 Lake Street and my other dear friend who prefers to remain private. We had a wonderful afternoon together and I think back on that day often.
Well, on Wednesday night, I spoke on the phone with another long time blogging friend,
 Marie of Spun By Me. Marie and I have been blogging friends for almost 3 years I think and while we've never met in person...we plan to do that in the future! It was great to talk on the phone...we chatted and laughed just like good friends do.
 If you do not already know Sandy and Marie...take a moment to visit their will  giggle at Marie's post today about her Father-In-Law and Sandy has a sweet post about her special Birthday boy!
Blogging friends...I love you all!


Nan said...

What a sweet thing for Mary to do. It's amazing the friends I cherish too through blogging and you are one of them. People who don't do computers really can't understand how this can be did you notice that?

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for the birthday wishes.....I'm still wishin' I got to meet you when you were here. Hopefully we'll get the chance. Your blog is adorable, I would have had a hard time not playing with this one, too! Good Choice missy!

Love ya'

Celestial Charms said...

What a lovely gift from Mary. She sounds like my kind of gal, based on her apparent love of butterflies. :) Blogging friends are true friends. I like to think of them as my Cyber Angels. We all respect each other, and we appreciate each persons strengths and sometimes weaknesses. We try to support one another, and we love to share! ;)
It is always a pleasure to visit Sandy's blog, and today's post was very special. I'm off to visit Marie at Spun by Me now. This will be my first visit!
Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Sandy said...

Hey You! I am waiting to hear when you and Barb will be here about Bliss Fest?????? I treasure your friendship Joyce! :):) Sandy

Elyse said...

wow, joyce! you've been blogging for a while now. how fun!

i just realized that in the busy rush of back-to-school, i overlooked my 2nd blogthday. i'm hoping to "celebrate" it soon with a giveaway or something. there are so many special elements to blogging. definitely worth celebrating.

have a safe & fun labor day weekend!


marie said...

What a sweet gift from Mary....and what a seet gal she gifted!! You are the best Joyce! I so enjoyed our phone visit Wednesday evening. You're right ~ it was like talking to long-time (refraining from using old here) friend!! One day we'll meet in person and that will be such a wonderful treat!!

Can I say I LOVE this new look...your color and fat birds too!! Woo Hoo!! Love it a bunch!!

Home and Heart said...

What a Dear, sweet post!! Thank Heaven for special women, and their friendship! You received a lovely gift! She did an amazing job! ( I LOVE that J!) I am so sorry to hear you are struggling with health issues. I appreciate your visits and sweet comments so very much!

mimi said...

I love your new blog birdies :) They make your blog look so happy. Mary's gift is truly so very thoughtful and so very clever. I hope she joins blogland soon--she sounds like such a lovely lady.
I will be "playing" cricut all day tomorrow. I will catch up with you then. :)

Suz said...

I am often in Mesa in February so think of me if you have time. I have in-laws who winter there and that is just about the time we go crazy in Minnesota! Would lobe to get together with bloggers there!

Sandra said...

I love your little birds and new blog background...I like my blog front page too and probably won't change for the holidays. It is good to have so many good friends near and far to send you good wishes and love. So glad you visited Mystic Paper when you were in is quite wonderful!

marie said...

Hi Joyce, me again! Thanks for the tip about Aqua Poppy...I found a new background too! She has some really great options!

My name is PJ. said...

It's no surprise at all that folks enjoy your friendship, Joyce, or that you enjoy theirs....because you are a peach, if there ever was one.

Enjoy your vacation getaway!!!

Anonymous said...

Joyce, I know what you mean...sweet surprises...a wonderful community of friends...

And isn't Marie's FIL adorable! Huggable!

Have a lovely weekend,

CHERI said...

What a sweet friend Mary is, but I'm sure she would say the same thing about you. She is certainly creative. I have enjoyed my few months into the blogging world and have also met some new friends...haven't met any yet though. Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

mary k said...

Dear Joyce, I have been away from my computer for a few days. Imagine my delight when I read your kind words about e-friends and my gift to you. Thank you! I love your new blog design; I'll be heading over to Aqua Poppy soon. I am determined to get my blog up and running. Enjoy the remained of the long weekend. MaryK

Creative Breathing said...

Joyce, Your new blog look reminds me of the very first gift I received in the mail from someone who would soon become a friend. Your Creative Breathing banner for my craft room with cute as be birds on it as well. I love what you have written today and will be sure and check out Marie's blog. Sandy I met after seeing her mixing bowl button after one of your posts. Thank you for send me her way as we both are Primary Girls at heart. I also purchased a black printer's tray, but I think I will paint it red! LOL! Always a PG, Elizabeth

Katsui Jewelry said...

Just thinking of youm Joy, and praying that better health continues. I love this gift so much and cannot believe that she made even the box. So special.


kana said...

Hi Joyce,

So good to hear from you...I have been MIA for so long that I doubted that anyone would still read! I see that we still have things in commmon: swapping, buying the same Holiday magazine and yes we even attended Paul McCartney! It was probably the best concert I have been too! My husband grew up a big fan of his and both of our children love the Beatles. He was very personable and sang sooo many songs. Hope you are feeling better!


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