Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First Fishing Adventure!

I am going to be away from my computer for a week (which will be hard) but before I leave you I wanted to show you some wonderful pictures of Charlie's first fish!
In May, we traveled to Maryland to spend a few days with our son and daughter-in-law and our #1 grandson Charlie....age 2.5.
Ever since Charlie was born, David has said he couldn't wait for the time when he and Charlie could go fishing together. (Please note: David is an avid fisherman and I know of no one else who can spend an entire day with a line in the water and not catch anything.
I always tell him that it's about fishing, not about catching :)
Last fall I purchased a kiddie fishing set for Charlie that included a rod and reel and some plastic fish. The fish have magnets in their mouths and at the end of the fishing line is a magnet so if a small fisherman were to get the end of the line fairly close to the plastic fish...the fish will almost jump up to the line. The box said "for ages 3+" but because Charlie is the smartest 2.5 year old in the world, very bright, I figured he could easily handle this set. Well, not only could he handle it but he played with it for an entire day...catching the fish and throwing them back into the cardboard lake in the livingroom. He would get so excited when he could reel one in! Then we discovered that the line could also catch refrigerator magnets so we fished for those, too. We laughed all day as he caught and released.

Charlie fished and fished until he was plumb tuckered out!

The next day (a very hot and humid day!!) Papa and Charlie's Daddy decided to take Charlie to a small lake within walking distance of their house. This was gojng to be the real deal!
They fixed up a bamboo pole for Charlie and set off.
It was hard for Charlie to get the rhythm of fishing for real fish. At home, he needed to shake that line around until the fish mgnet connected with the line magnet. Now, Papa and Daddy were telling him to keep his pole still. Even with all of the jumping his pole around, Charlie caught a fish!!!

Charlie, you caught a REAL fish!
Go ahead and touch it....

I don't think so Papa!

I'll just stand NEXT to it!

Having a cold one before heading back!

We love you Charlie!
 Now do you think that next time you could help Papa catch a BIG ONE?




marie said...

Oh my ~ I have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks!
The "open eyes & mouth wide" look on his face in those two photos is so great and the shot in the chair with Woody is adorable!! He is such a cute little guy.
The fishin' with Papa is priceless ~ Charlie's body language speaks loudly and your captions are perfect.
As for that last shot ~ my heart just melted!

Creative Breathing said...

Joyce, If this isn't the cutest post on the block! That last picture! Happy Vacation and Anniversary! California, here you come! Have a wonderful time. The apron paper is a surprise one in the Sassafras line. It's a children's paper with little piano keys running along the bottom. Anthem I believe is the line of paper, the individual piece sing loud. I know it looks like I am always so busy, I'm just fast! LOL Again, have a great time! Elizabeth

Katsui Jewelry said...

Oh, Joyce,
That Charlie is about the cutest, most expressive little boy. I know you just love him to pieces!!! Thank you for sharing the tale with us and the wonderful looks on his very precious face! I will miss checking in but have a relaxing time!

woodandfabric said...

Oh my!! Joyce! Did you see his face on the second photo when he was playing in the living room! That's gold! And the last photo is as priceless! I think you have all the photos you need for a mini album/tag book! What do you think?
I hope you'll have a woderful week even far from the computer!
Take care!
Michelle *Ü*

Anonymous said...

Joyce, he's just the cutest little guy! I could cover him with smooches!

Suzy said...

Just too cute!!

My name is PJ. said...

Each photo cuter than the last, Joyce! What a little heart breaker!

Mimi Sue said...

He's almost as cute as my 2 yr old grandson! They are such a hoot at this age. We really enjoy every minute with him. Looks like you guys do too. Mimi

Sandy said...

LOL LOL LOL !!!!!! So cute, I remember that look on my boys faces when something fantastic happened! Charlie is one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen!


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