Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas at Home...Marjolein Bastin and The Skaters

Did that post title catch your eye?
It's about collections or fragments of collections.
There are certain things that we love to collect, or at least pin their images on Pinterest.
Sometimes they remind us of childhood times, or things we wish we could do or beautiful interpretations of nature. 
As you've learned, for me, one of those collections is trucks, 
especially trucks  (or cars) with trees atop them. (A childhood memory I suspect)
Another love of mine is Marjolein Bastin. For over 20 years I have collected bits and pieces of Ms Bastin's work. Her drawings and figures of flowers and birds and animals found in nature have always filled me with awe. 

It started with greeting cards and calendars and then went to plates, coffee mugs and Christmas ornaments.Hallmark stopped offering annual ornaments 2 years ago and while I don't have every one, I have a lovely grouping on my kitchen window sill.
Her attention to detail is wonderful!

One year, I even happened to find a limited edition lamp on eBay.

It's in my kitchen on a small chest by the deck sliders...
love to see the bunny and chipmunks on the base. 

Even one of my snowmen in the dining room is a Marjolein music box.

Another small collection I have has to do with figures depicting ice skating. My family, and friends who know me well, know that I have an ice skating fantasy which I will not go into here (my dear husband even preached a Christmas Eve sermon about it).It's enough that my family snickers at me without bringing all of my blog friends in on it, too.
Anyway, I haven't skated since I was a teenager growing up in the Chicago area where there is lots of ice to be found in the Winter, but I love the "thought" of skating.

This was a Marjolein ornament one year and it is my favorite! It features a squirrel, a cardinal and a pair of skates draped on the back of a chair.

Last year I was lucky to find this Mary Engelbreit skater on a great sale after Christmas. She is perfect on our kitchen table and goes perfectly with the little Swedish mug holding my Truvia.

My skaters on the mirror "ice" are new this year..all glittery and frosty..perfect for the trees and little candle-lit house.

Finally, a little girl, drifting off to dreamland, after a day swishing around on the ice. She sits in the glow of light from a glass block made by my friend Janet. 

I've shown you the dining room and the kitchen so there is only the entry and family room to time. I think I'll go and listen to a little Mannheim Steamroller and skate!


Can't forget the suede cardinals hanging from the kitchen chandelier!



You have a very sweet collection of Marjolein Bastin. She is so talented and I also love her work!
Happy New Year!

Becky Garrison said...

I just found your blog via a link on Twyla and Lindsey's blog. I also love the Marjolein Bastin knick-knacks! I look forward to following your blog! Becky (

marie said...

Ah....Marjolein Bastin! Love her work!! The plate with the cardinal and squirrels is so sweet. I love the way she draws squirrels...with those pointy little ears!
You have so many pretty vignettes in you home...that little skating scene on the mirror is my favorite!!
Where have you been hiding hte kitchen's awesome!!

Patti said...

I also love Marjolein Bastin - she does amazing work! Your home is lovely! It's a happy place! Happy New Year!

Jenny's Heart said...

Such a sweet collection.
Happy New Year.
May your 2014 be full of blessings.
X's and O's

Heidi said...

oh oh oh oh oh oh...ah ah ah...
Love it all. I've loved Marjolein Bastin's work for years too. I have a couple tea pots, but never collected any ornaments. (I. Must. Stop. Starting. Collections. Must. Repeat. LOL)

I adore that blue Adirondack chair with the skates, I'll call that one my favorite, too!

Thank you for your comments on my blog. You are my only reader! (That is sweet enough to comment!)

Happy New Year! May God bless your home and family in 2014. May you be cheerful, merry and content!

Hugs, Heidi


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