Monday, August 13, 2012

NYC Trip Part II

After we enjoyed our lunch, we hopped in a cab and went to
M&J Trimmings on Sixth Avenue.
I have been there before but I never tire of seeing all of the dazzling ribbons, laces, buttons, silk flowers and crystal embellishments. Michelle had given me a Groupon coupon for Mother's Day so I was all set to have some fun! (I love Michelle-she's so thoughtful!)

A wall of laces!
The last time I was at M&J I bought some unusual buttons,  but this time I had a goal.
I want to make a purse like this one...
I saw this beautiful tote bag on Lisa's blog...A Thing for Roses..two years ago and fell in love with it.
M&J was the perfect place to choose some beautiful laces and a pink velvet rose to trim out the bag when it's finished. (The blue flower pin is just for fun)

Aren't they gorgeous?
After scooping up my items from M&J, we then proceeded to Mary's, Harold Square, to do some make-up shopping. I had a nice gift card from Macy's that David had given me for Christmas that I hadn't used. Michelle decided that I needed to go to the Bobbi Brown cosmetic counter for a do-over!! Yikes! We were hot and sweaty dewey, but that didn't deter the little make-up person one bit. She stripped my face of all make-up and cleaned it, moisturized it and then began layering. Now, please know that I spend about 5 minutes in the morning putting on make-up. Spackle, foundation, blush and mascara. Suddenly I needed corrector, concealer, foundation, eye-brow make-up, 2 eye shadows, eye liner, bronzer and blush, eye liner and mascara. It was pretty funny. I must have said "Now I'm not buying all of this" about 20 times but undaunted she went on.

OK, that was fun and I purchased some of the items and then returned some (unused of course) when I returned to Pittsburgh. It's easy to get caught up in the moment!

After our stop at Macy's we were ready to go home to Hoboken. Michelle's boyfriend, Bill, returned from a business trip and the three of us enjoyed dinner together, again cooked by Michelle. The cookies and sweet treats we had toted home were our dessert.
After some talking, email checking and a little reading, I crashed and went to bed early. Tomorrow was going to be another busy day....

On Saturday, Michelle and I took the train and the subway back into the city (she does this like I jump in the car and drive 3 miles to the Mall) We were meeting Michael and Jackie (our son and DIL) for lunch at Eataly, at 200 5th Avenue near 23rd. If I tell you that two of the partners in this endeavor are Mario Batali and his Mama, Lidia Bastianich, that will give you an indication of the quality of this place. It's part market, part restaurant and interesting things can be found at every counter. Homemade pastas, breads, meats, cheeses, chocolates,  produce, seafood and wine and beer in addition to supplies and cookbooks can all be found here. I highly recommend it!

A produce stand with magazine worthy fruits and veggies. (Unidentified woman)

 The homemade pastas looked wonderful...see the squid ink pasta in the back of this case? Mmmm-no thank you.
 Lots of pastas I had never heard of.
The meat counter.
We decided to have lunch  in the portion of the market where you can have table service.
(Michelle, Jackie and Michael)
While we waited to be seated, the kids enjoyed a glass of wine.
(Not a $5,000 portrait but a cute picture nonetheless)

For lunch, Michelle and Jackie shared a plate of homemade pasta (I can't remember the sauce) and a pizza.

Michael & I each had a calzone, unlike any other. The dough was light and the homemade ricotta cheese inside was delicious! I should have taken photos before we chowed down but we were hungry!

Happy, full faces!
After lunch we went outside and around the corner to another part of Eataly where they sell gelato....the line was long but it was worth the wait. Creamy goodness on a hot, summer, New York day!
Michael and Jackie went to catch a train back to Long Island and Michelle and I returned to Hoboken again and collapsed! We decided on a pizza for dinner and then early to bed again. 95-degrees in NYC is different than 95-degrees anyplace else!
 I had a wonderful time visiting with Michelle, Bill, Michael & Jackie and seeing, doing and eating some great things in New York City.
Thanks for the fun time kids!

For those of you, besides my family, who have followed along on this journey...thank you.
I will be back next time with a bunch of crafting projects I have been working on!



Celestial Charms said...

Hi Joyce,
I have enjoyed tagging along on your NYC visits. I so much miss my birth city, and trust me, if it wouldn't be such a difficult monetary hardship, I would jump to move back there. Love that you and your daughter share the same beautiful smile! :)

Jo said...

Oh my goodness. Everywhere you went looks so wonderful! We want to go up to NYC again soon and I will definitely put Eataly on the list of places to go. Glad you had a good trip!

My Vintage Mending said...

I would never leave that trim store. So nice to see you have a great time...smiles..Renee

marie said...

I've been hoping to make a trip to NYC soo....Eataly & M&J Trimmings have been added to my reasons why!!
Loved seeing all the fun family photos Joyce.

Unknown said...

Oh Joyce! Your trip to New York is over the top fabulous! What a thrill you go to tour MS's facility. The rows of dishes would do me in! The notions store is something I would have to be dragged from. I can't wait to see your finished purse. Lovely choices! Elizabeth

Nan said...

Catching up I haven't been here in awhile. That M&J Trim ship my gosh that would be overwhelming for me. A person has to have something specific in mind and not just window shop I guess.
Love the make over. Looks like lots of fun.

Unknown said...

What fun! You are making me want to go back to New York again! I had a make-over too but only bought facial wash (I have lots of make-up that I don't wear already).

Sandy xox

Primitive Seasons said...

Hey good lookin! You look wonderful after the makeover. Of course, I didn't see anything wrong with the "before" you. You're just lovely Joyce.



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