Friday, May 20, 2011


Last week, on someones (I can't for the life of me remember who) blog, I saw a link to a New York-Style Crumbcake recipe. New York Style means that the crumb layer is almost as thick as the cake layer. New York Style means that you don't even want to know the calorie count or fat grams in this just want to eat it. I have had similar crumbcake at Starbucks and have always wanted to make one. Because my sweet friends Mimi and Joni were coming for coffee on Tuesday and another dear friend, Nancy, was coming later that day for a sleepover, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try this recipe. I made it Monday night while watching Dancing With The Stars (of course I'm watching and voting for Hines Ward and Kym Johnson!!!)
I'm sorry that I don't remember the blog that the link came from but here is the link to the recipe.
Because David was still in Israel with my camera (he's home safe and sound now) I asked Mimi to take some pictures.

Truth be told....if given a choice between something chocolaty and something with crumbs and cinnamon...I'd go for the crumbs every time! Here is the link to the recipe.  It is taken from the book "Baked Explorations" by Matt Lewis & Renalto Poliafito. You will love this one!



NanE said...

Oh that looks sooooo YUMMY!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Have a great time with your friends!
I think I would still go for chocolate :) even tho the cake looks very YUMMY!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Yum!!!!on both accounts...the cake and the plates. :-D
So happy to see you up and around, with a happy smile.
Mary Lou

My Vintage Mending said...

Well, Joyce when you serve it on a gorgeous plate like that I will take anything. I love these crumb cakes because they are so easy to put together and they come out great. Thanks for sharing...smiles..Renee

woodandfabric said...

Hum!... It looks good! Happy to see you're home and baking! wow!
Michelle *Ü*

GerryART said...

I guess you'd have to serve me both for me to make a final decision as to which is my favorite.



Suz said...

So good to see you posting, Joyce. I want to thank you also for the lovely post you put on my blog. You truly understand. It is such a hard time but all we can to is trudge forward and love each other each day.
Love and hugs,

Cindy said...

Why yes I will be right over to eat the crumb cake with you.Oh no..I don't prefer chocolate..I am a cinnamon type gal!
Hold the cake it could take a while for me to get

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

marie said...

The crumbcake looks yummy, (I love those plates!) and I hope you all had a great time together.
I am so happy to hear that you are feeling up to must mean you're feeling better! You look great!!

Jane said...

That crumb cake looked delicious!! I am so with you on cinnamon and crumbs before chocolate....anything with cinnamon is a weakness of mine!! Thanks for the recipe link.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Joyce! I found my way here from the Bloggerette Sorority website, and right away you had me with the wonderful looking coffee cake!!! I've already printed the recipe, and can't wait to try it! I'm pretty new (since only this past Christmas) to scrapbooking and paper crafting, but I love it. Having read back a little I love your work too! I got a kick out of the Lennon Sisters! I most definitely DO remember them! I used to watch them all the time when visiting my grandparents on the weekends! It's nice to meet you, and I'm now a follower! ~tina

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Joyce, that looks wonderful. I love DWTS too and hope Hines wins. I just sit and watch that show with a smile on my face the whole time.


Heidi said...

I agree with the sure is good to "see" you! I read this post before the weekend and thought of this yummy crumb cake all weekend, but never had time to make it!!!! I'm printing out the recipe now and will make it soon. We sure have the same taste for food, too!!!! Hugs!!! Love, Heidi

Sandy said...

So good to see you up and about and having fun! That cake looks incredible, but I didn't see a it just me???? I 'm tired, time to take a nap! I am happy life is getting bettr for you my dear friend! Love, Sandy

vivian said...

the second blog tonight with cake on it!! I have to go hunt through my cupboards and find something sweet!
I wish I was one of those skinny girls that could eat anything!!!!
oh well... your cake looks awesome!
have a great night

Sandy Michelle said...

Yummers! Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for your comment btw. I hope I don't crash and burn with all that I have on my plate right now. Hugs!Sandy


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