Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tussie Mussie Swap Photos

I am so far behind with posting so I'm going to try to update with lots of pictures and few words...can I do that? I hardly do anything in my life with few words but I'll try...
First are the pictures from the Swap For All Seasons Tussie Mussie Swap. Nancy was my partner and I have to say that she sent me things that I would have chosen for myself if I had come across them. Everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper....

The tussie mussie...

beautifully made!

So many wonderful things...all that I love. Click on any photo to enlarge....

Is she not the cutest vase you've ever seen????? Thank you Nancy-everything was perfect!
I sent Nancy the following...

My pictures aren't so good...

I seem to be hooked on using coffee filters...thanks Bethanie, they have worked out great!
Nancy collects bridge tally cards
Some tags I made.
I know I've said this 1,000,000 times but if you'd like a good group to swap with and always an interesting challenge, A Swap for All Seasons is the group to try. Our next swap has just been announced and you can read about it here...if you sign up, tell Linda I sent you !

This week I finally packed up the Easter decorations. When I saw everything sitting on the kitchen table ready to be wrapped and packed up it made me smile to see it all together...
ALL of my carrots...including the new teeny ones!



Hi Joyce!
That was a pretty swap with the tussies! You received and gave such lovely one and all those extra treasures!!!
I did join the new swap and already found a couple of treasures for it!
Take care!
Deb :)

marie said...

You gave and got some wonderful goodies in the Tussie Mussie swap! Are those two birdies in party hats I see?! Too cute!
I love the bluebird and I saw on Flickr that Nancy loved it too. The two tags you sent to her are pretty ~ my favorite is the one that says dream.
You're so right about Linda's swap...she sure knows how to host a swap!

How nice that you've gotten the Easter stuff gathered up ~ I'm ashamed to say that I still have a winter display in my living room! :(

Elyse said...

hi joyce!

your tussie mussies are lovely, just like everything else. your tags are so dream-y!

thank you again SO MUCH for sending me the photos last week. i used them in a blog post and gave you the photo credit! :)


Mimi Sue said...

What a fun project! I'd like to do a Christmas tree full of them. Loved all your cute swap items. Mimi

Julie said...

What a gorgeous tussie mussie swap! You're both lucky girls--such lovely sharing!

All of your Easter decorations are wonderful--I still need to put mine away...haven't quite been able to do that yet...they're all just so sweet!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Paula Clare said...

Hi Joyce,
Your tags are fabulous...and the sweet little birds with party hats?!? Adorable? And the little bluebird...yours? Theirs? I think I may HAVE to join the new sounds SOooooooooooo fun! and, just for the record, I LOVE photo loaded posts!

My name is PJ. said...

You guys redefine the words "creative" and "pretty"! I am always bowled over when I come by and see what you've been working on! My brain doesn't have an ounce of this type of creativity...and now I know why! You've cornered the market!

Suz said...

What a joyful blog! I love the colors and your creations are nothing short of lovely.

My daughter and I started a new blog a short while ago. Come and visit, if you'd like!


SweetBellaBug said...

So glad those coffee filters are going to good use! Can't wait to find some time to play with mine! Just love what you've done with them - so creative! You are always so good at coming up with such unique ways to use everyday items.


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