Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Tag Swap and other ramblings....

I just finished making and sending off 20 tags for a Christmas in July tag swap. Each of the 20 paticipants was to make 20 tags and send them to Mary Ann, the hostess of our swap. They could all be the same or all different, it was our choice. She is going to use her binding machine and make each of us a little tag booklet with the 20 tags included. These kinds of swaps are always fun because you get lots of inspiration from the other artists. I made three different tags. A classic, origami tree tag....
A sweet little vintage image tag in pinks and greens. I used dimensional paint around her hood and cuffs that puffs up when you use a heat gun on it.....and of course glitter!I also added glittered snowflakes that my friend Viv sent me....I had to make a comical tag because that's my true love-the offbeat humor theme!I hope my swapmates like them. This is a new group for me so I'm a little nervous. It was fun to pull out Chrsitmas papers and stamps and trims. Never too early, right?I'm also participating in a really fun Block Party swap hosted by my sweet friend Elizabeth! She has said that anyone who sends her a 5-inch block made in their style will receive a 5-inch block made by Elizabeth in her style. I couldn't pass this one up! She will use all of the blocks we send to her to make a giant banner to hang in her craft room as a reminder of all of her readers. I thought that was a wonderful idea, for her and for us too! Anything created by Elizabeth is a treasure! The hardest thing was deciding which of my styles to use......colorful? shabby vintage? black & white? I'll show you what I decided on in my next post!

I got a wonderful package in the mail this week. My friend Marie had posted some things she wanted to giveaway to the first responders and I was lucky enough to win this cute little pillow. I was going to use it in a guest bedroom but it looks so cute in the family room on my favorite chair so that's where it will stay. Thanks Marie! Tell Bill that the big smile on my face when I opened it was worth the price of postage. Wink!

Have you seen this magazine yet? It just came out today and I have waiting for months with breathless anticipation because my favorite crafting artist of all time, Mary Englebreit, is featured with pictures of her studio. Who wouldn't love to create things here.....

She was my first inspiration for the crafting I've done over the years. I have followed her for over 25 years and was broken-hearted when the publisher stopped production of her Home Comapnion magazine. I keep hoping that some day it will return, if only as a quarterly publication.

This past week, 5 crafting friends got together at our local Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We had torrential rain as we all hurried to get to the restaurant but our soggy shoes and damp, limp hair were soon forgotten as we talked, ate and laughed our way through a fun evening. It's important to get out with friends once in a while, it's good for the soul and of course we all bring "show and tell" things we're working on. One of the gals, Michele (sorry, no blog) made these cute paper dolls.She stamped the body parts with a paper doll rubber stamp and then assembled punched out circles for the dolls dress. She's also wearing a jaunty flower in her, bald head. She came tucked in the little brown paper sack trimmed out with ribbon and pennants. Cute, huh?

THIS POST IS MY 91st POST. Of course I will plan a huge celebration of my 100th....but I need to tell you that it's taken me (over) 2 years to get to this point so I'm not sure when I'll get there. We're at one for one in August. Maybe I'll be diligent and hit it this month. Stay tuned!


marie said...

Hi Joyce,
I'm so glad you like the pillow and you're right! It looks perfect on your favorite chair!

Your tags are great ~ they will be an awesome addition to the tag booklet. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for mentioning Elizabeth's block party...I hope she has room for one more because I would LOVE to swap with her. Her work is amazing and the swap may be just the incentive I need to get creating! Her blog is wonderful ~ thanks for sharing it with us.

How sweet of you to mention me and ME in the same post on your blog...she's been a favorite of mine for a long time! I'm looking forward to seeing her studio in Where Women Create.
Did you hear that Dawn at The Feathered Nest is going to be featured in that magazine? She mentioned it yesterday. What fun for her.

Take care friend! Have a blessed Sunday.

creative breathing said...

Joyce, Thank you for the head's up on Mary E. I am still in deep mourning over the loss of her magazine. I think we all owe our beginnings to her. This new "white and orange" Mary takes a little getting used to. Your pillow is just perfect for your ME chair! I have just met Marie, and she would like to make a block for me. I love extending the welcoming kindness that was shown to me when I was a "newbie". 91 posts - I'm counting down! Congratulations, E

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Joyce! I *ran* right over to Elizabeth's blog and signed up for the block party! Sounds like fun and can easily make 1 block!! I have a girl friend who loves ME and has her office decorated in black and red going with the cherry theme. It is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Your tags are darling. Love the origami one so much. You are mighty clever!
I'm also in Elizabeth's swap--can't wait to see what you are sending.

Lori said...

Hi Joy, I just found your blog because you had visited mine! I just LOVE your adorable tags! Your blog is very nice and I've signed on as a follower. Thanks for visiting me. I'll be back often as well.

Mimi Sue said...

I'm new here too. Love your blog. Your tags are wonderful. I'm a big fan of ME too. I met her in the early 80's when she was just starting out. Our local Hallmark store won a contest and she came to sign Christmas ornaments and books. Wish I'd got some pictures. Didn't know I'd be a blogger! Love that pillow you won. I would love to make one. Is there a pattern do you know? I'll be back when I have some time. Mimi

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

These tags are out-of-control ADORABLE!!! I can't tell you how impressed I am. And the 'Better Not Pout' one made me LOL! Awesome.
Yes, I too, had to have this month's Where Women Create because of ME. Glorious! : )

Sandy Michelle said...

I LOVE your tags girl! I can't wait to see Mary's studio in the magazine! How fun that you met up with other crafters (even though it rained tons)!


Anonymous said...

I just love your tags! Each design is so wonderful!
I need to check out that magazine, looks like a good one. I miss Home Companion sooo much.:-(
That little paper doll made by one of your crafting buddies is to die for. You're so right about getting out and having fun with friends! There is nothing like it!

Love the pillow, it looks perfect on your cute checked chair.

WOW! Almost 100 posts. It will probably take me about 4 years to reach that mark, at the rate I go.
I need to get back to my poor neglected blog so bad.:-(

Lovely post Joyce! Hope you're enjoying August!


Cathy said... the tags!!! They are the most darling things I have ever seen!!!

Your blog is wonderful!!!



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