Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Welcome to our home....

I thought that I would take you on a little tour of our home....bit by bit. Don't want to overdo it in one blog post. First, the front entrance.....Come in to the foyer. The Nantucket basket poster hangs above the little white cabinet.A tin mirror by the front door to do a last minute hair check before I answer the door....YIKES!A handmade plate rack I've had for years holds two pewter chargers and Marjolein Bastin plates which are changed out every season.I've done a fair bit of stenciling in our home. This berry and vine design was done about 7 years ago. The little wooden buildings are replicas of shoppes and farms in our area. From the entryway, we'll go upstairs to the guestroom. (One of two) I am a total blue person....when I'm not being a total pink person. This room is done in blues and yellows with touches of every other color found in nature. It is a garden themed room. I collect quilts. Old quilts, handmade quilts and manufactured quilts, it doesn't matter, I love them all. This bed quilt and wall hanging are manufactured quilts. I don't have to worry about people flopping down on them, they are totally washable. The wall hanging is "Mary, Mary, quite contrary" The little pillow on the bed surrounded by some Boyd's bears says "If stress burned calories, I'd be a size 5". Isn't that the truth!

I've draped the bookcase next to the bed with a vintage table topper featuring a hand stitched bluebird. I love bluebirds...they really do make me happy.

Some things on the walls....2 "hat" birdhousesI stitched this for my Mother 38 years ago....A friend made this for me many years ago....(remember when blue & mauve was the rage?)My sister painted this tray and I just realized for the first time as I look at this picture, that I've been displaying it on the wrong end!!!!!This was the very first item I ever purchased from Etsy. It was made by Cari Kraft. JOY is one of my favorite words so I have a tendency to be attracted to things with the word joy in them.This is the top of a little step stool I purchased from a painter on Ebay. It will be a good stool for Charlie to use when he gets a little taller and needs to reach the sink.Speaking of's been a while since I've posted a picture. We're waiting for some new ones from Jane & Eric so I lifted this from Jane's Facebook profile. Is that a bad thing?

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. I'll show you more rooms at a later date.

Thanks for reading and commenting. I love it when you visit and let me know you've stopped by. For those who have asked about the pork chop is the link to the recipe my cousin Rita used.

Sweet Surprise Iowa Chops. The recipe was from Midwest Living magazine. If you click the link on their website, you will see that I was the only commentor. Trust me-these are the best!


Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

I enjoyed the house tour, and had to laugh when you mentioned the blue and mauve trend. I was all in that trend and have lingering objects about my home that will testify to that fact. Especially cross-stitched pictures...matted in what colors? Blue or mauve. LOL! I even did the blue and peach thing too. So funny to remember. You have a beautiful cozy home and I love the welcoming look of your front door. I need to do something better with mine. :)

Unknown said...

What a wonderful post Joyce! We both live in blue! Your quilted bedroom is so very charming. Your grandson even more so! Have a joyful weekend! My favorite word as well! Elizabeth

marie said...

Hi Joyce,
Great post! I love the color of your front door...and the vine stencil is beautiful. It goes nicely with the vine on the plate rack! Love the look of white furniture too.
Your guest room is so pretty. All the little hats and hat birdhouses add the perfect touch.

It's wonderful that you have that stitchery that you made for your Mom ~ I bet she loved it! What a special treasure.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful home ~ can't wait for more!

Oh and about Master Charlie ~ he is one good-lookin' little guy!! What a wonderful smile!

kana said...

Loving the house photos and even more the Charlie photo....he is sooo cute! I do however, desire photos of your crafty room!!

Bev said...

Ok, so I'm coming over to be your guest so I can sleep in that cute guest bedroom!! No boy things there and no boys to mess it up!! How about this weekend??? LOL!!!

Love it all...thanks for sharing!

mimi said...

What a wonderful tour of your home. I have had the pleasure of visiting it in person and sitting on your relaxing deck. (you will have to show pictures of that next)Trust me everyone when I say you could not find a more WELCOMING place to visit.

LaurieStar said...

This was a fun post - nice to see what surrounds you daily. I love all the things up on your walls. Love those plates and little houses! Too cute! :)

Anonymous said...

It was fun going on your house tour! It looks so sweet and I love all your little touches. Thanks for the pork chop recipe. Have you ever made it in the oven? We don't have an outdoor grill since we live on the second floor of our condo complex. They sound pretty yummy! Charlie is certainly a little doll!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Boy have I been MIA!!! But thank you so much for letting me know your purse and bottle got there safe and sound and that you were pleased with them. I didn't realize how nervous it would make me to wonder if my customers would be pleased once their item arrived. Thank you SO much!
I LOVE all your pix!!! Love the hats on the wall, Carrie Craft's beautiful heart, your childhood embroidery, the vintage tablecloth with the blue bird...It's so fun to peek into others' homes. Yours is so charming.
And the best for last...Charlie!!! Look at that ADORABLE little smile and face. Makes you want to reach right through the screen.
Thanks for all the support and being a cheerleader for me last week. Have a wonderful weekend!

full of bliss said...

I loved this post Joyce! It was so fun to see parts of your lovely home! Your guest room looks so relaxing and charming. I wouldn't ever want to leave if I were a guest! I love the plates in your plate rack as well. And that little toe headed grandson of your is just too adorable! What a darling boy!


Trish said...

Oh, your house is lovely! I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of it. So many cute ideas! I love the table topper over the bookshelf and that you gave a little history on each item.

Anonymous said...



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