Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Banner, Links, and a few Handmades

I have been sneaking some changes to my blog over the past 2 weeks or so. The most recent is my blog banner. I purchased a kit from Shabby Miss Jenn Designs here Any kind of digital work is still a learning process for me but I loved the design of this banner and it was on sale....
Other new links are to the left of my post. There are some new blogs that feature images you can use for free and there are 2 classroom sites that have some fun projects featured right now. Cupid's Workshop by Lisa Pace ($20 to join) has some amazing Valentine themed art tutorials and Joli Paquet (free) has projects to learn and some to buy as well. I took Lisa's 12 Days of Christmas Workshop and her projects for that series were great, too.

There is a Vintage Spring Sweetness swap you can sign up for. Linda features a swap each season and the one for Spring sounds like fun. This will be my second swap with this group (I missed the mitten swap) and I'm looking forward to a Spring project. It's not too late to sign up!
From time to time I add blogs to my favorites list. Are you like me? You visit a favorite blog and see which blogs are that person's favorites and then you visit those blogs and before you know it, you have 1,000 blogs that you're reading!!! Maybe I should say that my hobby is linking and lurking!
OK-I promised myself that I would do some kind of post today to get started in blogland again. I have missed writing but January has been more than busy for our family. In my next post I will tell you about turning 60 last week!!!!
I will leave you with some pictures from a scrapbook I made for a customer for a couples' first Christmas.

These next pictures are of some items that were Christmas gifts for a special friend. The wonderful letters I used for the dream banner/garland can be found here. (Of course it would be from Martha!)The candle is a Novena candle that I found in the Ethnic Foods aisle of my grocery store. I covered it in scrapbook paper (from Graphic 45) and wrapped it with a strip of ivory colored felt. I cut flower shapes from the felt and sewed a button on for the flower center. The lacy scalloped border was made using a punch from Martha Stewart that I found at Michael's. Don't you love the chubby little bird on this paper?

A visit with Amelia over the Christmas holiday was a treat for David and me. She and her Mommy came to see us one evening. Amelia loves books and "D" is happy to read to her.


mimi said...

I absolutely love your new banner it has all my favorite vintage elements. The first Christmas book turned out so beautiful and I know your special friend loved the dream banner and candle (hehehe). I can't wait to see pictures of your Birthday weekend!!!

Bev said...

Like the new banner - I do have to say you got one up on me with this! Glad to see you signed up for the Spring swap and love the album - great job as always. Love the colors of the candle and love that felt flower...I might have to CASE that! It was a treat to see Amelia again and how big she is getting. Glad your back in blogland!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new banner! I have missed you!!! Great pictures!

marie said...

Hi Joyce!

Love your new banner ~ I wish I could settle on something I like for my blog banner...someday!

I love the candle idea ~ I may have to borrow that one!

I'm doing the spring swap too ~ I've really enjoyed Linda's swaps. Did you see what I received from the mitten swap? I posted about it last Saturday ~ I love it!!

Good to hear from you! Take care...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful!!! I just added you to my blog-roll. Thank you so much for adding me to yours, and for your sweet comment about my flickr!
I just love the first Christmas scrap book you made, it's so cute. Congratulations on your Birthday, I can't wait to read your next post on turning 60. Now I'm off to keep my promise to myself and post something new on my blog.

LaurieStar said...

Welcome back to blogland! I have missed you! I love the new banner and the new pictures - and especially the scrapbook you made! Very pretty! It's good to see what you've been up to! :)

LaurieStar said...

PS - happy belated BIRTHDAY! :)

Julie said...

I am a linker and lurker tooo! I'm glad I'm not the only one.:)
This is the method I used to get to your blog!
I love all your creations...Blessings..Julie


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