Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Antique shopping and a great mail day...

On Labor Day, four of us piled in my car and headed to a local antique store, The Wexford General Store. We spent several hours poking around, looking for treasures and this is what I came away with.

One of my favorite blogs to read first thing in the morning is The Feathered Nest. Dawn repurposes some of the most interesting vintage items into beautiful art pieces. One of things she has featured many times is worn baby shoes repurposed into pin cushions. She trims them with vintage buttons and makes a sweet tag to hang from the laces. Darling! So I've been keeping my eyes open for the "right" (meaning suitably aged) shoes. Well, on Sunday I found them. I keep looking at them and wondering about the little feet that wore these shoes. The toes are scuffed so I'm assuming that some climbing was done in them. When I think that babies now don't wear those high-topped walkers like my children did....will we be making pin cushions 25-30 years from now out of Crocs? or Baby Nikes? I'm glad I found this pair of soft leather walkers. When I get to repurposing them, I'll show them to you again.

I also found these sweet little buttons and some cabinet cards. I love looking at old pictures and wondering about the people pictured. (I really need to stop spending so much time thinking about the former owners of shoes and pictures and get some crafting done!)

My daughter always talks about it being a good "mag & cat day" if she gets her magazines or new catalogs in the mail. Well, today was a good mag & cat day PLUS some other wonderful goodies!

I have been lucky recently and have had my name pulled in two different blog drawings. I wrote previously about my book prize and yesterday in the mail came two beautiful ACEO/ATC cards from Marie of Spun By Me. After reading Marie's blog for a while, we discovered that we have a lot of things in common...adorable grandchildren/child for one. Her blog is filled with wonderful stories and recollections and is a witness to Marie's strong faith. I opened the envelope with the 2 cards in it and there's a nice hand-written note from Marie. The card she wrote the note on has a drawing by Patience Brewster on the front. She's one of my favorite artists. One more thing I guess we have in common, Marie! LOL!

This beautiful fairy arrived on my doorstep (well, actually in my mailbox) today. I won her on ebay...I've been watching several sellers offering these fairies and I finally won one! She's a beauty, don't you think?

Now on to the magazines and catalogs......a bounty today! Country Living, Somerset Holidays, Lang and Gooseberry Patch. I'm in heaven! Now all I need is Romantic Homes & Country Home. I have a "thing" for's almost as much fun as traveling, you know, wandering around in other people's homes or visiting other cities. (Oh my, more day dreaming!!!)

The last package I received was from Rocky Mountain Hobbies. I had pre-ordered some My Mind's Eye Christmas paper and it came in. Oh my stars! Talk about cute!!!! I ordered papers from 2 different lines. (I have a "thing" for scrapbook paper too-maybe I should think about talking to somebody about this!)

That's all for my great mail day. Except for this little face that came to me in an email today.
See Charlie's new tooth? I have a "thing" for this sweet boy, too! I miss you sweetie!

Until next time friends...


mimi said...

Being one of the four that piled into your car on Monday, I have seen those sweet little shoes in person. They really are cute and I can't wait to see how you alter them.
After seeing that new paper from My Minds Eye, I am on a mission to get some for myself. You know because I NEED more paper(hehehe)
Oh and what can I say about Charlie......that face and those beautiful eyes---I just want to eat him up.
Love ya

Heidi said...

Hi Joyce!
Oh my! Charlie's little face is darling with his new tooth shinning there! Between the new tooth and his baby blue eyes...ahhh...I'm wishing I could give him a little granda-style kiss!

I love the cards Marie made for you. The coloring, images and words are adorable! Lucky you!

I also saw Dawn's re-crafted baby walker shoes...I bought a pair then chickend out on the craft and sold them! LOL I'll try again...I'll watch for another pair.

What a great magazine day! I need to now look for the HOLIDAY'S issue...AND I didn't know LANG has a catalogue! I'll have to hunt that down!

AND...Silver Bella? You going????

marie said...

Oh Joyce ~ thanks so much for your very kind comments about my cards! It was my pleasure to send them to you! I'm so glad I chose the Patience Brewster card for you!

The little fairy is so sweet. Is she from she-shesart? I love her things!

What a wonderful pile of magazines you received!! You're right ~ it is like visiting others' homes & different places ~ it's just much easier on the feet!

I'm looking forward to seeing your baby shoe pincushions ~ I'm sure they'll be just perfect...and speaking of perfect...I love the picture of Charlie! His eyes are beautiful and there's nothing quite like baby's first tooth!

Those papers you got look really good, I love the little birds! I was thinking of including some fall papers in my "artsy autumn" swap. I am having a lot of fun gathering stuff to send.
Well, I'm at work and break time is over! Have a special day!

Anonymous said...

Charlie certainly is a cutie! Dawn's blog is the first one I check out every morning too! I'm working on one of those baby shoe pincushions also. Love your fairy!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Joyce, you sweetie!! Thank you so much for mentioning me and my little baby shoes! I love the pair that you found, too ~ You have made me drool this morning because I would love to have each and every one of those magazines!! Now I'm going to have to get out and find them....and your grandbaby is the most precious angel!!! I hope you have a great weekend, xxoo, Dawn

The Burp Cloth Babe said...

Cute crafting stuff...but the last pic is my fav. What a cute fellow!

Nancy said...

I just bought some baby shoes, too. I'm so anxious to see yours all done up. Love your ebay fairy and I had a good magazine day, too! My ME Home Companion came today...but I decided to catch up on some favorite blogs first! Happy fall! Nancy

LaurieStar said...

Ooh... I love your fairy! So pretty! And I have a thing for magazines too - I am debating if I should keep all my subscriptions going or not!

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh...My goodness! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! Joyce...Your little grandson is beautiful!
Blessings and Grammy hugs,
Carolynn xo


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