Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yikes-a Blog!

I just wrote to someone today to tell them I didn't have a blog and now I have one. This was almost too easy. Now I'm scared. Before, I didn't get any housework done because I was too busy reading blogs...what will happen now. YIKES!


Unknown said...

you are SO in for it now!! LOL

SweetBellaBug said...

this is all my fault - isn't it!?!?

Chele said...

HAHA - now your hooked!

Bev said...

See, I told you it was easy- didn't I??? I'm gonna add you to my lists!
Keep up the pace!

deb said...

Go Joyce!! Look at you with 4 comments on your first post.. nobody ever has 4 comments on their first post. :) The blog looks awesome, I must say. I've seen the acorn and of course love it but that house is just the cutest! Beautiful job Joyce!


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