Tuesday, April 22, 2014


As many of you know....I collect carrots.
Around Easter time, you can see myriad bunnies and chicks and decorated eggs. Some years ago, while I was shopping for some new Spring/Easter decorating items, I saw a bunch of carrots. That was different....not the run of the mill. And thus, a collection was started. They're easier to find nowadays but I'm picky about the ones I choose to bring home. Don't ask me what the requirements are...I just know when I see them if they're for me. (Should I be worried at this point, about my state of mind?)
I first saw one of these big mesh carrots on Pinterest.
That led me to Etsy, where I could have ordered one for $40-$75.
I discovered that my local craft store, Pat Catans, would make one for me for $19.99. Sold!!
I don't know why I'm so attracted to carrots..I just think they're cute!

Some were handmade by a dear friend...

many have been gifts...

I have quite an extensive collection.

Even the bunnies have carrots!

Do you collect anything unusual?



Davi said...

Love that big mesh carrot!! Carrots always make me smile too, such happy colors!!

Kitten said...

Whenever I see carrots I think of you, Joyce! I collect bowls & plates & especially covered ceramic containers that look like fruits & vegetables. Beauty & function...I like that in a collection.

Here's to happy carrots...otherwise what would the Easter Bunny eat???

Createology said...

Now this is a fun collection. Carrots...you really do have some unusual ones. I adore your newest door wreath. Through my life and lots of collections I have always remained most passionate and in love with my little tiny mice. Since I was about two years old I even called our tiny little house we lived in "The Mouse House". Silly after all these years. My girls know to take good care of my mouse collection when I am no longer. Creative Carrot Bliss...

vivian said...

what a cute little collection! I have a couple tiny ones that hang on one of my easter trees and two big ones that sit on a shelf.. but thats all the carrots I have.. except the ones in the fridge! LOL! (that are growing roots and need to be thrown away!)
Hating the thought of packing easter up.
have a great week

Jo said...

Wow, I never knew. What a neat thing to collect. I haven't started a collection of anything, yet, since my kids are still little. You give me inspiration to find something interesting to collect, now.

Sandy McClay said...

Yes, I collect paper, embellishments, stamps, dies, you name it....someday I hope to use them! LOL

Patti said...

I think carrots are a perfect thing to collect! I have so many things I collect...I can't choose just one!

Mimi Sue said...

I love carrots too! Made a few for my front door and love them. Mimi

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Dearest Joyce, This is such a fun thing to know about you! Carrots! Perfectly Perfect.
Thank you so very much for the lovely cross stitch patterns and threads. There are many ladies in my group who will be thrilled to have the Prairie Schooler Santas.
Congratulations on your husband's retirement, and yours! My husband retired just this past Friday. It was such an odd feeling to sleep in on a Monday morning. Wishing you a joyous downsize! Elizabeth

marie said...

You are the only person I know who collects carrots...love the glass container full of them!
I'm always keeping my eye open for a carrot or two for you...but none have ever really struck me as you! Now that I've had a peek at some of your own collection...well, who knows what I might come up with!

May said...

Love your collection of carrots... the bunnies are gorgeous too...I collect Hearts (not real ones) lol...But I can't resist buying them.... Have A happy weekend... Hugs May x x


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